Computer games and videos are a popular choice for keeping young kids occupied. However, increased screen time means missing out on an active play that is essential for the growth, coordination, and development of kids. With XWHEELS, these smartphone accessories offer the best of both worlds. Kids can enjoy their favorite songs and educational videos while zooming around the room with their phones turned to a car toy.

The Benefits of XWHEELS

Some of the benefits of XWHEELS include:

  • It reduces distress for both adults and kids
  • This invention is an alternative to digital content
  • It increases focus by occupying minds and hands
  • XWHEELS curbs anxiety
  • It encourages imagination and brings fun
  • It earns higher grades or does better at work

How does the XWHEELS work?

XWHEELS is a rugged plastic toy car that supports all mobile phones. Its scissoring action coupled with telescoping frame expands and contracts to fit all mobile phones so that you can turn your phone into a toy car.

– Any phone can be placed on the smart adjustable platform, available in deep blue or flashy chrome finish.

– XWHEELS offers the ability to occupy one’s hands while keeping busy with other tasks and even lets you enjoy their smartphone in a new way.

– Listening to a lecture while pushing the wheeled platform back and forth or set up some interactive fun for a child.

– Even when it’s not in use, XWHEELS offers a fun way to display a phone.

first toy car for mobile

Who is XWHEELS meant for?

Parents can use this exciting phone accessory to encourage their children to start playing again while enjoying digital content. XWHEELS isn’t only for kids and teenagers but also for the adults who love recapturing the fun of playing with miniature cars, and its an ideal desktop fidget toy to help with to reduce stress at work.

It’s an excellent option for any kid’s age; they will enjoy zooming around with an exciting new toy while the adults and teens recapture the fun if simple toys. Kids who still love to play with a toy car, smartphones, tablets, and other high-tech devices have monopolized their attention.

XWHEELS brings balance by recapturing kid’s imaginations with a fun and a cutting-edge toy car that brings smartphones into the picture.

XWHEELS is meant for:

  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Toy Enthusiasts
  • Nostalgic Adults
  • Kids and Adults with Anxiety
  • People that love fidget toys
  • Gadget lovers

Alternative uses for XWHEELS

There are various uses for XWHEELS, such as:

  • It incorporates real, physical toys and digital toys
  • It fits all phone sizes
  • XWHEELS is a great fidget toy
  • It occupies your mind
  • It increases focus
  • It’s a fun tool
  • It helps adults and children with anxiety

Can I Use XWHEELS On all types of phones? 

  • Yes. XWHEELS is a self-adjusting frame; it supports both the small and large footprint smartphones.
  • The phone includes Apple iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, X, 11, including the Plus sizes,  XS MAX,  Pro, and Pro Max.
  • It also fits Samsung Galaxy 5S, 6S, 7S, 8S, 9S and 10S including + sizes.
  • Google Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4.
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