Our behavior leaves a lasting impression that can affect the way a colleague, client, boss or vendor views us as a professional and proper etiquette builds authentic relationships that are positive and lasting

– explains Diane Gottsman, etiquette expert and founder of The Protocol School of Texas.

Our behaviors actually determine us everywhere, the workplace is no exception. A good person should know some manner for the workplace. Also, he or she must follow those manners regularly.

Today I will discuss those manners as workplace etiquette tips and make you a professional colleague to others.

Let’s get straight to the points.

Don’t Be Late at Office

It’s important for every kind of workplace. Be late makes a bad impression to other coworkers. Always make sure to reach office on time. It’s an important manner you should follow most.

Be Aware of Crossing Boundaries

No matter how friendly you are with your coworkers. Make sure to do not interrupt any personal issues. Always make a knock before entering your coworker’s desk area. “Whether it’s a text, email, snail mail, or paper on the printer or a desk, if your name isn’t on it, don’t read it, touch it, or share it,” says Gottsman.

workplace etiquette tips: Manners in the WorkplaceBe Thankful to Others

Before asking something or asking someone to do something, make sure to say please. And if anyone does something for you or gives you something, say thanks frequently. Saying those little words creates a good impression to others.

Consider to Think Before You Speak

When you are at the office, you have to filter your speech. Don’t say any words that can be hurtful to others or can make problem in the office. If you said something like that, there is a chance to get confronted with conflict. So before saying anything, consider thinking must.

Before You Borrow Anything Ask First

According to Eyring,

Never borrow something without asking, and if you do, be sure to return it as soon as possible.

So make sure to ask first before borrowing anything to your coworkers. It’s an important matter that you consider most at the workplace.

Show Respect

When you meet someone or your boss enters the office, stand up to greet him/her. Doing this little work makes a good impression to others. “Standing is a sign of respect,” says Jodi Smith, President of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting.

Use a Professional Email Address

When you work for a company, you should use your company email address. Do not use a personal email account in the workplace. Use your name in the email address so that everyone can identify who is sending the email. Never use school grade days email names such as babygirl@ or Catlover@ etc.

Never judge other peoples Food

Do not say any words about coworker’s food. It’s often coworkers can get a food that can be unusual to you. But keep in mind, food choice varies. It’s quite true that not everyone follows the same food pattern. And you may say something gently if it smells up the whole office. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.

Make sure to turn off the phone

While you’re in a meeting or speaking to someone, staring at the phones or taking calls makes a bad impression. Make sure to turn off the phone while you’re in a conference or meeting your clients.

Clean Up Your Mess

After lunch, make sure to take your dishes to the dishwasher. Keep your desk clean before you get out from office. Don’t leave any dirty obstacles on the floor as well. Cleaning your mess isn’t a humble work. It’s a good manner you should follow.

Final Words

Manner is something that will make your personality in the workplace. It’s quite true promotion depends on your manners. Showing good manners makes you a better person and respectful to the coworkers. You can follow those mentioned steps in your workplace. Hope those office etiquette tips will help you in your workplace while maintaining good manners.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some tips and life hacks. Till then, stay healthy and share your valuable opinion with us.


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