Gym wear is becoming more and more popular among fitness enthusiasts and gym goers. This is not surprising considering all the benefits you can get by wearing simple workout shorts. Workout shorts are a trendy choice among both the genders because they allow you to move much more comfortable when doing exercises that require you to bend your body down.

Of course, some people also like wearing compression shorts or jogger pants, but they can get uncomfortable during the summers and restrict your movement when doing some exercises. Aside from that, if you are a runner, you will find it more comfortable running in athletic shorts.

How can work out shorts help you when you exercise?

If you wear regular clothes when going to the gym, you might have noticed that they can sometimes become a hindrance and affect your performance. For, eg, Some clothes might not be that stretchable and increase your range of motion.  Whatever the reason may be, we can all agree that normal clothes are not ideal for exercise.

The benefit of wearing gym shorts is that they fit you properly helping you to achieve a greater range of motion. Plus, they also look nice, boosting your confidence. They also absorb sweat much better than regular clothes. If your clothes don’t absorb sweat quickly, it can become irritating and itchy. 

You can also try wearing compression shorts as they have the following benefits –

1. Reduce post-exercise stress – It is important to recover properly after performing any exercise. A few studies show that a form-fitting compression garment will help you to keep your heart rate in check when performing high intensity works like running on a treadmill. It will also control the lactic acid build up in your muscles, reducing muscle soreness and swelling.

This results in a faster and better recovery of your body muscle.

So, if you frequently find yourself exhausted after exercising for a few minutes, you should try wearing compression shorts.

2. Increases the efficiency of oxygen intake by your muscles – When you perform any strenuous activity, your body uses oxygen to break down the glucose present in your muscles. This process provides you with the necessary energy to continue the work.

It has been found that compression garments help to activate or recruit more muscles which effectively increases the efficiency of oxygen intake by your muscles.

What to look for when buying workout Shorts?

Not every fabric is created equal. So, you can’t just go out and buy a short you see online or in your locality. It is imperative that you choose the proper workout shorts for yourself, as otherwise, it can cause you a lot of pain.

In fact, if you buy a short that is woven with poor quality material, it can cause friction on your skin resulting in blisters. Poor quality fabric can also become very itchy as they don’t absorb moisture very well. Hence, they can become very uneasy to wear.

Aside, from that, make sure you select the proper size shorts for your body. Working out in loose shorts can become quite risky and uncomfortable.

Now that we have covered all the necessary points let us have a look at the best brands for buying gym wear.

1. Squat Wolf – Among all the gym wear brands we reviewed Squat Wolf gets our top vote. All of their garments are made with high-quality custom Squat Wolf fabric which is perfect for conducting intense workouts. They offer a smooth feel on the skin and are very comfortable to wear.

Of course, a high level of premium quality is expected of a top brand but what truly makes Squat Wolf different from the rest of the competition is that they are offer quality along with style. You have many designs and colors to choose from their range of products.

Squat Wolf

Tip – Make sure to review the details of each garment that you want to buy. You can choose from Dry-Fit material, Moisture-wicking fabric, 4-Way Stretch, Performance Nylon + Spandex Mix, Ultra-soft Performance Nylon, etc.

2. Nike Women’s Dry Tempo Running Shorts–  Nike is a well-known brand and is an excellent choice for people who want a mix of performance and affordability. These shorts live up to their brand reputation and is a joy to wear when running or doing exercises.

Nike Women’s Dry Tempo Running Shorts

Nike’s custom Dri-FIT fabric will absorb the sweat on your body quite well, and the breathable mesh side panel will keep you cool. You can choose from a wide range of colors to suit your style and be confident when you wear it.

3. BCG Women’s Laser Cut Running Short – These are good shorts for women who love running. They are comfortable to wear and don’t ride up or slip. However, they don’t absorb sweat as effectively. So, these are not ideal for gym goers as they have to stay stationary at a place and sweat a lot.

4. Adidas M10 Woven shorts – Adidas is also a popular brand and provide good quality shorts. These lightweight shorts feature an inner mesh lining which great for comfort. Since they come with a 3-inch inseam, it is likely that you will find them neither too big nor short. 

Adidas M10 Woven shorts

They also feature Adidas Climalite fabric which absorbs moisture from your skin to make your skin feel less itchy and wet.

5. Women’s HeatGear Authentic Long Shorts by Under armor – These are a pretty good pair of compression shorts, perfect for women who like their shorts to stay in one place. Whether you are a runner or a gym goer, these will fit you great. In fact, you can even wear them under a regular pair of shorts. 

These shorts are lightweight and can stretch four-way giving you a good range of motion along with adequate mobility.


Don’t let your clothes ruin that perfect mood, cause any mishaps or create any wardrobe malfunctions. These can be disastrous, especially if you are a woman. Choose the proper gym wear and exercise with safety and style. Remember, what may feel comfortable for us may not be so for you. So, be sure to try out different brands and figure out which one you like the best.

This post is written by Ahmed Bashir – “Digital marketer by profession and a passionate writer. Other than that, Love spending time hanging out with friends and family, hitting the gym, playing cricket and beating some butts in Fifa.”

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