Traveling with a bunch of buddies or family member is exciting, we all know that. What about traveling alone? I am sure some of the readers already surprised with the word ‘alone.’ Even some of them are wondering is it even possible to travel alone? It might make me bored! Believe me, it is not boring at all instead it might be the greatest experience one can collect in their lifetime. Is it so? Yes, it is. You will get the full prove after the end of the article.

A few years ago I made the best decision of my life. I started a trip all by myself along with my favorite backpack and an iPad full of my favorite songs. On that trip, I met few unknown people, saw their culture, get enough freedom and saw the beauty of earth from my own points of view!  Since than traveling alone become my greatest obsession.

Now I have many stories and so many horrible experience to share with all of you. Later on I will continue sharing my experience with you people. For now, let me explain why solo traveling is the best thing for an individual. Fasten your seatbelt and take a trip with me till the end:

Enough Chance To Discover Yourself

Solo traveling gives you enough opportunity to discover yourself. You never know how stronger you are or what can you do alone. Here is a chance to discover yourself without friends, family or any kinds of responsibilities. Listen to your own voice and make your journey more discovery.(1)

Enough Independence

As a solo traveler, there is nothing to compromise. Do whatever you want, go where you want and make yourself happy with your affordable budget. Here is no one to underestimate you. If you don’t like any place, you can go another place with your decision. (1)

More chance to meet new people

The great thing about solo traveling is meeting new people. Traveling alone will be more wonderful if you keep your mind opened. Here you have no one with you. So you can make your day more beautiful with meeting locals. You can make new friends as well. Did you know? – Friendship becomes deeper when nobody knows each other.

More Chance To Boost Your Confidence

Traveling alone is a big achievement. Here you have to live alone. A chance to make a party with unknown or you can go somewhere for a crazy adventure. Defiantly this is something that will make you feel confident about yourself. (2)

Have lots Of Story To Tell

This is another very good reason to travel alone. You will have lots of experiences to tell your partner, friends, and family as well. You can share funny moments or the embarrassing ones and even the dangerous ones that you experienced while your trip. Besides, you will learn lots of things as well. Here is a line said Ibn Battuta about traveling is – “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” (2)

You may find love

The undesired truth is, almost everyone imagined to have a foreign girlfriend or boyfriend at some point. Here is a very big chance. Who knows you can be meet your life partner while traveling alone. So stay focused. (2)

No More Opinions Matter

The main reason why I go for alone traveling. You can consider whatever you want to include life, career or relationships. Just do your loving things without anyone’s opinion.(1)

Do whatever You want

When you travel alone, you have no one close to entertain or give him/her time. Every single second is yours. So do whatever you want. You can waste your whole day sitting on an outdoor bar with drinking mojitos or go to any place you like. You won’t have to explain anything to anyone. (6)

You Can Go For Cheap

A journey with self is incredible. You can stay in cheap hostels or hotels without any complaint. You can live out on a backpack or you can survive with less. Even you can skip a meal sometimes. No one will bother in those activities. (2)

Make You Better Traveler

Without any doubt, solo traveling will make you the better traveler. The more you travel, the better you will become. You will know when a train comes or when runs. When you have to go airport for the flight or how to rent a bike or catch cabs while your journey. You would become a pro traveler and that will minimize the stress of traveling as well.

Easy To Take Break

Traveling with friends, you will listen to one word most “GO, GO, GO”. I consider this word as an annoying part of the trips. And the most important part of the vacation is relaxing. While solo traveling, you can pass your whole day out or can lay down in bed all the afternoon.  No one will ask you any question or no one will around to shame you as well.

Learn More about Who You Are

A journey always makes me happy no matter whatever I go for. It helps to understand who I am. Here is a myth about solo traveling is – ‘Traveling with others you will find great friendship, diversion, and fun; but traveling alone you might find yourself.’

Final words

Here are many benefits of traveling I mentioned. However, the most beneficial fact of solo traveling is – a chance to escape from daily life. While traveling alone, you don’t have to make a call or answer e-mail to anyone. You have stayed few days just like a visitor. No more tension about anything for few days. Stay cool and make your solo traveling more interesting. This is why I suggest you travel alone at least once in a lifetime.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more tips and life hacks. Till then, stay healthy and share your solo traveling experience with

Have a good day!


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