In recent years, Aquaponics has earned a lot of attention. It has emerged as a technology that is expected to change the lives of upcoming generations. With various benefits, Aquaponics is becoming one of the preferred choices of many cultivators.

What is Aquaponics gardening?

 This is a process where plants are grown together with fish. The Aquaponics enables both plants and fish to live together, as they can naturally fulfill each other’s need of living.The fish waste converts into nitrate, which is used by the plants as fertilizer. On the other hand, plants filter and clean up the water by consuming their waste. This single closed recirculating system enables you to grow a full meal.

The benefits of Aquaponics

Reduced water consumption

Compared to the traditional method of cultivation, water consumption is lower for Aquaponics. This is because the plants keep reusing the water. However, this doesn’t mean you would never need to add water in the tank. Plants do perspire throughout the day and night which leads to the water loss in the tank.

It is observed that water loss in traditional farming methods occurs because some portion of the water is absorbed by the soil, which is not within the reach of the plants. It leads to more consumption of water.

Healthier and Bigger Veggies

With Aquaponics, the end result is satisfying also because the vegetables cultivated are bigger and healthier. The size of the vegetable can be bigger in the soil as well, but that is not possible without fertilizers and chemicals. You get this size naturally and without spending more.

Cultivate in Small Spaces

The growing population is a global issue. This is the reason why we need to find a solution to cultivating in limited sized spaces. This article suggests several plant varieties that can be cultivated in a very small space. Since the Aquaponics system can be set up vertically stacked upon each other, or horizontally, the method helps save a lot of space.

This is an apt solution to grow plants no matter if you have a tiny backyard or a large garden. You have pretty good options to design your garden.

Eliminate the Need of Fertilizers

The use of fertilizers and pesticides is very common in agriculture. But, in this process, you actually need nothing additional to feed the plants. The fish waste acts as the food for the plant and help them grow bigger and faster naturally. In fact, there is no possibility of adding any chemical, as it might harm or kill fishes.

Reduction in Land Use

If plants can be grown into the water without soil, it naturally reduces the need for land for certain crops. This is also beneficial in areas where the availability of favorable land for cultivation is less or weather doesn’t support the growth of plants. Certainly, this is one of the most successful ways of feeding the growing population.

Lesser Impact of Weather Conditions

Crops, when cultivated inland, need a good quality of soil, and most importantly, a favorable weather condition. Unlike the traditional methods, Aquaponics isn’t dependent on the weather. The plants can be grown throughout the year without being the concern of extreme temperatures using the “greenhouse” method. In this system, plants remain in a closed area under the required temperature and keep growing irrespective of the weather change outside.

Way to Organic Food

When no chemical is added during the plant growth, it means the food obtained is naturally pure and 100% organic. Technically, it is not possible to add any fertilizer or chemical to help crops grow faster. They grow with what they get from fishes, and air surrounding them.

Promoting Agro-Tourism

Aquaponics is used for commercial setups in many countryside or rural areas in the world. This type of agriculture is being promoted for agro-tourism, to attract the tourists. Undoubtedly, it is benefiting the rural communities, as the set up is supplementing the commercial income and has opened the way to additional revenue sources.


Considering the list of benefits of Aquaponics, it is certainly a sustainable method of agriculture and highly environment friendly. It can provide amazing results if a little effort is put to its maintenance. Aquaponics just needs periodic filters cleaning and regular feeding the fish.

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