Planning a wedding is a stressful task. One needs to consider so many factors. To make your life a bit easier, we are here to present the ultimate wedding furniture rental checklist. At least you don’t have to worry about furniture issue anymore. Once you’ve selected the venue, you need to start thinking about the furniture rentals, and it is essential to secure the necessary rentals for the wedding day to avoid any form of mismanagement.

From banqueting tables to barware and everything in between are waiting for your call. If you are wondering about a great local company to set it up, don’t forget to call The Johant Lesburg. They’ve everything to make your big day memorable. Their stylish event furniture including table, chair, sofa, loungers, and ottomans will surely make the atmosphere soothing and comfortable. Just give them a call and let them make your party remarkable.

Must Have Weeding Furniture Checklist

Now that you already know, the name of a great local company who will provide furniture, you need to make a checklist. Let us help you a bit in this matter with a useful list. Let’s begin!


Without tables, the wedding party cannot take place. It is a piece of essential furniture in a wedding party.  You can rent from a wide variety of tables of different shapes including round, square, long family-style, or mixed arrangement of tables according to your preference.


Another must have furniture for a wedding party. Without a comfortable chair, your guests cannot seat and enjoy the party properly. You need to bring a chair for the ceremony, cocktail party, and reception. While considering chairs don’t forget about the children’s and seniors. 

Lounge Furniture

To provide a cozy area for your guests to place their bump comfortably, you need to keep some couch, ottoman, armchair and coffee table. They can relax and gossip there. A wide verity of lounge furniture is available in the market to bring something that can cope up with your decoration. Remember to measure the doorways before ordering furniture rentals and order according to that.

Bar Stool

To make an excellent bar area, you must select quality bar stools. You will get an exclusive and extensive range of bar stools to rent at affordable rates. Here also, you need to match the bar stool with your actual decoration. Also, look for a comfortable option; otherwise your guests will not be pleased.

Bar Hire

Without Bar Hire, it is not possible to create a bar area. This is the furniture where the bartender will serve the drinks to the guests according to their need. So, this place must be efficient, have enough space and looks attractive.

Flooring and Dance Floor

If you don’t want to book a ballroom, you can invest in a quality dance floor. Depending on your space, you will get several options to choose from. You need to consider the size of your guest list before asking for a dance floor to the rental company. You will not like it if any of your friends or family members miss out the dance event. 

Portable Restrooms

This item is required for some particular venues where the restroom is not available around. Mostly these problems happen if the venue is on a rustic setting. If your venue lacks toilets, call the rental service to provide portable options. Otherwise, your entire party will spoil.


Outdoor wedding without a tent is unimaginable. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, have a great tent as a plan B. The weather can ruin everything if you are not well prepared. To keep everyone protected from billowing winds, blazing sun, or sudden rain, you must keep a tent.  You need to know whether your venue accepts a tent or not. If not, try to manage. Don’t forget to consider the perfect size and flooring.

So, those are the furniture’s you must rent from quality rental service. We’ve mentioned about The Johant Lesburg in the beginning. They are an excellent company who provides quality products and ensures quality customer service. On their website, you can find their coverage areas. If your venue is on their coverage, call them for excellent service.

Its time to say Goodbye! Soon we will come again with other wedding needs, products and tips. If you’ve anything to know, feel free to comment below. See you around!

Take Care!

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