Maintaining the garden of your home is equally important as maintaining the interior. In fact, outside maintenance can be much more difficult than the inside as your porch and garden are exposed to sunlight and dust. Also, your home exterior gives a very impression of your house. So it is very important to put an extra effort into decorating it. You can use your garden as a means of luxury, storage, or entertainment.

Your home garden should be such that it gives a warm and welcoming vibe to your guests. Following are some amazing ideas which make your garden beautiful, attractive, and welcoming:

Flaunt your Plants Collection

There are never enough plants when it comes to decorating your garden. If you are a person who is fond of plants, then it is a perfect opportunity for you to display your love for plants. You can create a patio with green plants behind the sitting area. You can even try making a plantation bed that grows different plants and flowers and add color to your garden. Plants not only make your house attractive but also give a very happy and positive aura to your house.

Make windows an attraction

Windows can often be ignored while you decorate your house but they can actually act as the most attractive part of your garden. Cute little beautiful windows are like the cherry on top of your beautiful porch or garden. Look up and find some creative ideas to convert your normal and boring windows into something beautiful and attractive. You can put up some colorful or plain blinds on the window and add frames on the wall to put up pots. You can even hang some small and colorful pots from above to enhance the area.

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Barbeque Spot

Another thing to add to your home garden is a small area dedicated to the barbeque. Put up your barbeque at the corner or in the middle of your garden along with some comfortable sitting. Your barbeque will probably be the most used area once you call up your friends or other family members for a get-together. This idea works well for Sunday brunches, Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners, on s Super Bowl or some other sports day, when you gather up with some friends and have the best time.


Planting and growing herbs at home are the latest and one of the healthiest trends. You should dedicate a small area to grow useful herbs which can work wonders in your kitchen. Your herbs won’t take much space but can prove to be very beneficial. There are many herbs which be used in your cooking and you can even use some herbs as medicines.

Arrange sitting

The sitting area is the most important part of your garden. It gives you a comfortable space to sit and enjoy the beauty of your garden. You can out up some bean bags and a comfortable couch or even a swing bed to lie down.

You can set up this sitting in front of your patio; it gives a perfect view to click a picture. Or you can surround your barbeque and make the sitting cozy and comfortable.

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