Want to start morning yoga practice but your bed isn’t allowing you?

Doesn’t matter if you are not a morning person right now, but if you are serious about starting a habit, then there are chances that you will become one and will stick to your routine.

Having a morning routine is a gift of time and attention to yourself. It puts you in self-aware mode and let you understand positivity that uplifts you overall. If you really wish to, implement these five steps in your lifestyle:

Get enough sleep

Make a rule to get enough sleep of at least seven to eight hours. It will make you get up early and easily. All you need to do is to make a sleep supportive environment. Avoid habits that keep you up late at night. Keep your electronic gadgets such as a laptop or cell phone, away from you before turning off the lights and sleep in silence.

Be your own alarm clock

It might take some time to wake up without an alarm clock but if you stay consistent, you will start waking up on your own. Set your alarm and wake up every morning at the same time, even on weekends. This is the best way to set your internal alarm and you will start getting up early on your own.

Take a moment to breathe before getting out of bed

Try to get a conscious breath the moment you wake up. It will let you understand your feelings and help you to adjust them if required. Additionally, will let you know the importance of the present moment. So, instead of getting your phone or opening your social media, just lie and breathe in bed for a moment.

Get some yoga

Being a morning person is not just about setting your alarm clock. It is about upgrading your version to be your best self. The most important role of morning yoga practice is to help you with uplifting your energies and implementing them in the right way. Along with the health benefits, it improves your mental health and keeps you relaxed throughout the day. You can learn some morning rituals of yoga and meditation by participating in yoga classes. You can do yoga workouts online at Yogateket with different courses that let you achieve your goal.

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Feed yourself

As they say, never skip your breakfast. Find enough time to have a proper morning meal. It will provide you energy for the whole day and will improve your brain power too. Include proteins in your breakfast which are easy to digest. Don’t forget to add water to your morning routine. Intake of 16 ounces of water daily will help your body to balance your immune system.

Being a morning person is all about creating an environment for yourself and makes you feel like you have achieved something before you step into your day. It is not difficult to wake up early. Consistency is the key. Try it for a few weeks and you will see the changes.

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