Research has shown that one in three adults does not get enough sleep at night. Are you a part of this category? Even if you manage to get seven or eight hours of sleep at night, how sound is your sleep? You could be in bed for seven hours and spend the night tossing and turning. This means you will wake up exhausted. It is not the hours of sleep that matters, it is the quality of sleep which makes a lot of difference.

Here are different ways you can improve the quality of sleep, starting tonight.

  Keep the screens away

The first step is to turn off the screens at least one hour before bedtime. You need to put them on sleep mode or turn them off and put them away. Screens emit a blue light that impedes the natural circadian rhythm of your body and it is responsible for luring you to sleep at the right time.

Always make it a point to stop scrolling on social media to improve sleep quality because it will take up many hours without you noticing it. Even if you need to charge your gadgets, you can do it in the next room.

Useful Tips To Improve Sleep Quality

Shorten naps

We have all become accustomed to taking afternoon naps. As stressed and exhausted adults, we all try to steal a shut-eye whenever we can. When you doze off for a couple of minutes, the body gets confused. It will confuse the internal clock and will have an impact on the quality of sleep at night.

There are people who can nap every day without any issue but there are also many others who cannot. You need to cut this step out of the routine and see the difference it makes.

Reduce the caffeine intake

If you are used to that evening cup of coffee, it is now time to switch to caffeine-free hot tea. During the evening, caffeine will stimulate the brain and its impact can last for many hours. You can opt for a chamomile blend for an additional soothing effect.

Use a sleep patch

When you put on the eye mask and slip into the very comfortable pajamas, why not give the body an additional dose of sleep-inducing nutrients that the body needs? There are innovative sleep patches that can be easily applied and will deliver a healthy dose of compounds which include valerian root, magnesium, melatonin, and others. When you get the essential amount of melatonin before bed, it will increase the hormone levels and will also help you fall asleep with ease.

Have a routine

Many of us are used to staying up late, sleeping in on the weekends and hitting the bed early and waking with roosters in the week. If you do this, you are only making it difficult for your body to remain on track. Instead, have a routine and stick to it for all the seven days. You will notice that your body gets accustomed to it and there will be no need for an alarm anymore.

Stay away from alcohol

You might think that a glass of red wine before bedtime is an ideal way to unwind. However, it only has short term effects. After the buzz wears off, you will find that your sleep is more restless than before. Alcohol will inhibit the body’s natural melatonin production and will also show symptoms of sleep apnea.

Prepare your bed

You cannot sleep well in a room that is full of distractions and clutter. Hence, you need to make it a point to turn the bedroom into an oasis it is meant to be. Keep the television out of the room and increase the cozy factor. You need to add a lot of soft blankets and pillows and turn the temperature down for a few degrees. You can also install blackout shades. If this does not help, try using relaxing oils like lavender to set the mood.

When you try these seven techniques to improve the quality of sleep, you will wake up refreshed every morning. Getting quality sleep does not have to be difficult. These are tried and tested methods that will help you build a routine and will ensure that you look forward to bedtime. These tips will also help improve your health and wellbeing. When you sleep well and cut down on alcohol, you automatically notice a change in your body.

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