WPC Vinyl denotes Wood Plastic Composite Vinyl Flooring. This makes use of waterproof engineered tiles. The tile’s uncomplicated interlocking system helps to install this over a varying range of existing floor slabs. Many people choose this type for its durability and affordability, unlike the actual wooden flooring. With the advancement in technologies, manufacturers can take advantage of WPC Vinyl to mimic the appearance of natural wood and stone to give it an outstanding aesthetic at a low price. 

What is WPC Vinyl made up of?

WPC Vinyl has grown its popularity over any other flooring option for residential and commercial spaces for the fact that it gives a traditional hardwood look with low maintenance costs. Also, it can be used in any room in the house as it is 100% waterproof. The WPC is made up of 4 layers. Namely;

  1. Supporting layer: This acts as a backbone of the tile in WPC Vinyl.
  2. Core layer: This prevents the tiles from bulging, stripping, and wavy nature of the plank irrespective of spillage and accidents on the floor.
  3. Wear layer: This is responsible to protect the floor from dent and scratches. Hence choose one with a thick wear layer. 
  4. Printed layer: This layer provides the style and beauty of natural wood and stone to the floor. 

Where can we install WPC Vinyl Flooring?

Since WPC is known for its waterproof quality and durability it can be used in any indoor applications like a basement, kitchen, bathroom, and any commercial space.

Basement: Choosing a flooring option for the basement is very tricky as it is prone to flooding most of the time. Hence WPC Vinyl will be the most suitable flooring that can withstand the damage caused by a flood. 

Kitchen: The hardwood look is the latest trend of all modern kitchens. WPC is the perfect choice for your kitchen as it is a bit more comfortable for your feet than any other ordinary tile. Also, you need not worry about any spillage in the kitchen. 

Bathroom: You can have the elegance of natural stone or wood in your bathroom and need not worry about flooding. WPC vinyl is as good as a ceramic tile.

Commercial Space: Most of the business areas make use of WPC Vinyl for its durability. There are many advantages to using WPC in crowded areas. The cost of maintenance is low compared to any other option. Thus it is easy to replace if damaged.

Advantages of WPC Vinyl

Waterproof and leak proof: If you belong to a family with hyperactive kids and pets, then spillage will be a regular phenomenon at your place. The WPC flooring will be the perfect solution for you without compromising the aesthetic ambiance of your house.

Acoustic feature: WPC absorbs sound better than any other floors as it has a thicker core layer. This helps to banish the hollow sound created while walking on hardwood or laminated floors.

Comfortable: WPC is thicker, warmer and softer. Hence the whole family will enjoy walking on them.

Durable: WPC can easily withstand wear and tear caused by stains and scratches. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a damp mop regularly, thus, making it long-lasting.

WPC Vinyl flooring can be a good alternative for daycare centers, parents, pet owners, business people, and everyone else for its waterproof and durable feature. This will provide additional protection that any other flooring can’t offer at a lower price.

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