Practices that intend to achieve healing effects without any supporting biological or clinical plausibility are considered as alternative medicine practices. Complementary medicine, integrated medicine, and holistic medicine are some of the other names these treatments are referred to as.

The common string amongst all alternative treatment methods, is they all lie outside the scope of medical science. And they often rely on pseudoscience. But, with patients that have tried these treatments claiming for their healing effects, these medicinal practices are gaining a lot of attention, lately.

Here’s a list of top 10 alternative medical treatments that can assist you with recovery:


Claimed as one of the oldest medical systems in the world, Ayurveda started in India, over 300 years ago. The method makes use of herbs, and special diets, along with unique practices to treat the illness. According to the students of Complementary and Alternative medicine, everything in the universe is connected harmoniously. Ayurveda intends to cut down anything that interferes with the harmony between the elements of life, and thus recover you from sickness.

different types of alternative medicine

Herbal medicine

According to the World Health Organization’s estimation, around 80% of people around the world, use herbal medicine. If WebMD is to be believed, studies show that herbal medicines are helpful in treating certain health issues such as allergies, premenstrual syndrome, chronic fatigue and more. Furthermore, herbal medicines are available over the counter and do not need any prescription. But having consulted your doctor before using these medicines can prove to be much safer.


The traditional Chinese therapy of using needles to stimulate specific points on the body helps with the natural healing of the body. The idea is to puncture the nodes that accumulate toxins over time. A certified practitioner sticks sterile needles through your skin to release intoxicated blood and naturally cleanse the body. If the theory behind the therapy is to be believed, many health issues are related to these heaps of toxins within the body. Some of the common illnesses treated using acupuncture include nausea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and infertility.

Chiropractic Medicine

Some of the common problems such as back pain, neck pain, joint pains, and alike are suggested to be caused because of improper body posture. A chiropractor focuses on adjusting your body structure, mainly your spine, to accelerate the natural healing process of the body. Having said that, the major area of its application is concerned with mechanical disorders and their treatment. And the fascinating part is, this alternative treatment does not make use of any medicine, though it is referred to as medicinal practice.

Energy Therapies

For thousands of years, energy fields in and around all objects, dead or alive, are believed to be associated with the health conditions. This belief is what sets Energy therapies as an alternative treatment method. Moreover, a lack of clinical evidence to prove the firm efficacy of the treatment has not called in for any decline in the popularity of this treatment. Nevertheless, there are three main types of energy therapies that are believed to help assist with recovery, namely- Biofield therapy, Bioelectromagnetic therapy, and Heat therapy.

Intravascular Medicine

Though intravascular medicines are not new, there use as alternative medicines is certainly a new idea. This method has proven results in helping patients recover out of fatigue, allergies, asthma, muscle spasms and many more ailments alike. IV treatments deliver a solution of different minerals and nutrients (which you can know more about if you click here) that target specific areas and ailments. In addition, the treatment does not require any special equipment and can be delivered in the comfort of your home.


Originated in Germany, the founder of Homeopathic medicines hypothesized that the reasons for the symptoms of a disease can be used reversibly to treat the disease. In other words, the same agents responsible for the illness can be used to treat the illness. This hypothecation is successfully employed in vaccinations, as well. For example, onions cause teary eyes, and that’s the reason onion extracts are used to treat many allergies in homeopathic treatments. The fun fact, is these medicines are known to cause no side-effects, which means they are absolutely safe to use.


This alternative medicine is, in fact, a combination of many other therapeutic and herbal methods. The philosophy surrounds the belief that with appropriate methods, the whole living organism can be healed naturally, including the body, mind, and soul. The practice follows six principles, namely- the healing power of the nature, identification & treatment of the cause, do no harm, teaching, preaching, and prevention.


Though this alternative method is sometimes confused with energy treatments, it differentiates in the mode of delivery of energy. While other energy-related therapies did involve equipment and tools to use energy, there is no such practice in Reiki. This alternative treatment, often known as palm healing originated in Japan. The belief that supernatural energies can be transferred from the practitioners’ hands and heal the patient is the basic principle behind this treatment. And, surprisingly, the method has some promising claims from the patients who have tried the therapy.

Faith-Based Treatments

This is the most occult practice in the list of alternative medicines, but there are claims that support its efficacy. With no scientific reasoning or support, faith-based treatments are usually promoted by religious houses. The only, supporting notion is the belief of the patient that they are being healed which improves the health of the patient.

With hundreds of alternative treatments and very little evidence that proves their efficacy, it is a matter of belief that actually heals the patients. Often recognized by medical science as a placebo effect, it is the perception of the patient that ultimately helps with their recovery in any medical condition. And that is what helps patients seeking alternative medicines and treatments recover faster.

Having said that, alternative treatments should still be sought as an option only after consulting with a certified medical practitioner. Whether you are bedridden or have minor health issues, some of these CAM can actually show drastic results in improving your health.

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