Beautifully wrapping a gift only adds to the sentimentality and effort behind the present itself. No matter what you’re giving someone, if it’s given in a lacklustre manner it’s likely to fall short of the mark just in the moment. Instead, you can add to the festivity and joy of the occasion, whatever it may be, by serving up a stunningly presented present. Here’s how to wrap your gifts perfectly, with a few novel ideas and creative tips along the way…

Gather your supplies

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have everything you need on hand. This means your scissors, tape, wrapping paper, well designed greeting cards and any other decorative elements that you might want to use during the wrapping process.

Wrap around the gift itself

Roll your paper out flat and place the gift right in the middle. Test fold a couple of times to see what’s going to work best with the shape that you’re wrapping. The best option is going to be easy and streamlined – there’s no room for complication in the world of wrapping!

Keep tape subtle

Although there is a tonne of options for amazing (and admittedly not so amazing) tape out there, try to stick to strictly subtle. Clear tape in either matte or gloss finish will work perfectly. Also, remember to keep your tape usage to a minimum – too much looks messy and downright strange against beautiful wrapping paper.

Make sure your lines are straight

Straight lines and crisp folds are what make gifts look perfect, so take the time and make sure all is sitting properly before you tape anything down. Attentiveness like this is what makes this difference between a gift that’s beautifully wrapped and one that’s a little short of the mark.

Never bulk up on paper

Another very important one. Never, ever let your paper get bulky. This happens when you use too much, only take what you need, and you’ll get that professional look that you’re after.

Creative Ideas

Now that you’ve got your tips for wrapping perfectly and you’ve got your practice in, you can try out a couple of creative ideas to put together some show-stopping presents…

Use newspaper

If you want to do a little charming, light-handed recycling, why not use newspaper sheets as your paper for your next wrapping session? This looks amazingly cool and it’s kind to both your wallet and the environment! Finish with a hessian rope ribbon or dark black bow and choose a minimal style greeting card for the chicest wrapping you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Cool cloth

Wrapping using cloth material is not new, in places such as Japan, it’s actually a major tradition. Wrap all your gifts in reusable neutral fabric for a gorgeously simplistic and effortless festive season.

Button-up shirts recycled

Another take on the cloth trend, but maybe a little more out there than the last idea! Using either an old button-up shirt or alternately one that you’re gifting to the recipient as the paper is very cool and unexpected. Warp the shirt around the present, buttons facing up. Do everything up to join together and wrap the sleeves around the width of the gift a couple of times, finish by tying into a makeshift bow at the front!

Decorative doodling

Using plain kraft paper and doing your own creative designs is a great way to add a beautiful personal touch to a gift. Use a nice thick black pen for some cool graphics or get the colour out to produce something majorly unique.

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