Most of the time, it is unimaginable that small passenger cars can carry long or oversize luggage – that cannot fit in the boot. Since the car design does not provide for a way to carry the luggage, the owners undergo a tough time in calculating how the luggage can reach their destination. Worse, they do not find a proper solution forcing them to go ahead and hire a different means of transport to carry it while they still have their cars: which seem useless at that time. Do not incur extra expenses in transporting your luggage, buy your Sidekick VSC.

Sidekick VSC is a carrier that you mount at the side of your car to enable you to transport oversize materials like plastic pipes, lumber, trim, among others. This carrier uses a topnotch technology that allows you to mount it at the side of your car to haul the materials along. The carrier easily hangs on the front and back door and has brackets that you can adjust to fit any door

Why Sidekick VSC?

Sidekick VSC comes along with so many benefits. It is the very first and unique hauling system, allows easy transportation of oversized things with a small vehicle, it is a complete and cheap vehicle hauling solution, and there is no more planning for shopping trips for oversize materials. Additionally, it is easy to assemble hence simple to use, is portable – can easily fit in the vehicle, there is an assurance that your car will not get any damage, and it is made of durable material – can last for a very long time. For safety and security, Sidekick VSC has tie-down cords that enhance security, and soft pads that protect the finish of the car.

Assembling this carrier system is so easy and fast. It takes between 5 – 10 minutes to assemble. Instructions on how to join it are right inside the package that you receive. We have made the instructions simple for all the people to interpret. They contain text instructions together with clear images on how to join it. Precisely, it fits even those people who do not know how to read. In case you lose the instructions, you can visit our page to view an elaborate 3D video and photos on how you can assemble it. Since Sidekick VSC is so easy to assemble, you are at liberty to dismantle it after use to allow secure storage and to save for space.

Quality assurance for Sidekick VSC

We have conducted thorough research and test on Sidekick VSC, and we can confidently tell you that it is fit for any road: hard, rough, or tarmac and any weather condition: whether rainy, windy, sunny, or calm.

The material that we have used for Sidekick VSC is supper. It can stay for a very long time while carrying any items. However, the driver should always take care, ensure safety, and let common sense prevail as they haul the materials.

Everything is almost set, and soon your Sidekick VSC will hit the market. Keep in touch.

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