Sports bras have taken the women’s lingerie market by storm. Being considered as a highly fashionable workout and yoga wear by public figures and common women, these bras are on the radar of every fitness enthusiast right now. With the inclusion of these comfy and stylish workout bras, there’s no doubt that the women’s wardrobe evolution has taken a whole new turn today. 

Scroll on to know some interesting facts about the workout bras and their popularity:

The different types of trendy sports bras

Unlike the conventional bras that women like to wear underneath their clothing, the sports bras are mostly used as a complete outfit. Women love to flaunt their sense of fashion even while working out. And this is the reason behind such diversity in designs, shades, cuts, and patterns of these bras. 

Let’s now give you a detailed overview of the different types of sports bras in the market:

Encapsulation bras

Tweak your sensuous appeal by opting for this amazingly stylish piece of lingerie that aims to enhance your feminine charm without going overboard. These are inarguably one of the most desirable sports bras & workout bras for women that offer maximum support to your breasts by encapsulating each in perfectly-shaped cups. Just make sure you go for the right fit.  

Padded bras

As the conventional bras, pads are common even in the category of workout bras. If you need that extra push or simply a shapely bust, there can be nothing like the padded sports bras to give you that. Just take a look at the mirror before leaving for the gym and you’ll understand the difference. 

trendy sports bras

Racerback bras

As the name implies, these bras are designed mostly for the runners and athletes to help keep their hands free while running a marathon, lifting heavy weights, biking, or other outdoor activities. With these on, you no longer need to worry about your straps falling now and then. They also reduce the pressure on your shoulders to a huge extent, so you can run freely. 

Front-fastening bras

If you have has surgery some time back, or don’t wish to take much time to dress up for your gym session, then this is the perfect workout wear for you. You can either go for a hook or a zip, depending on your preferences and level of comfort. These bras are quite easy to put on and take off without needing you to waste your time in groping with the hook. 

High-impact bras

If you’re in the habit of rough outdoor activities like horse riding, skiing, cycling, jumping, skipping, hiking, or anything else, you’ll need these bras to offer maximum control and feel confident. Generally, these bras come with wider straps and many secure bands to prevent movement, while you hop, skip or jump. 

Criss-cross back

Stylish as they are, these bras not only look great on any woman, who loves to flaunt her shapely back, but also offer higher support and reduce the chances of any kind of discomfort. Further, these bras rest firmly on your body and feel like a second skin when you work out in the gym or run across the park. 

Wrapping it up

It’s likely to get confused over the numerous types of sports bras that you can get in the market. The right way to select yours is to focus on the shape of your body and try to understand what will look best on you. Don’t go only by trends, as you can always create your own by making the best choice. 

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