Over the years, women have not only become more and more fitness conscious but they prioritize fitness styles as well. In fact, they won’t step out unless they are confident about their looks, even while going to the gym. It comes as no surprise that workout wear is now athleisure. The credit goes to the fundamental shift in women’s fashion, with comfort being the new cool. If you consider the journey of women’s sportswear, it has been commendable. And athleisure today is more of a statement that women love to make. Let us have a sneak peek at this remarkable evolution of the trend that has taken over women’s fashion by storm.

Beyond sports, gym and casual

In the 1920s, sportswear was defined as the casual and comfortable outfits that women wore to watch and play sports. With time, fashion rules changed and sportswear no longer remained confined to the gym or yoga classes. That’s how the athleisure trend came into existence. And in recent years, athleisure has derived a completely new meaning.  Sportswear has come far beyond just being a casual outfit. Women even keep some cool and chic activewear pieces handy in their office collection. It could be some sassy sweatshirts, comfy drawstring trousers or trendy pairs of sneakers. As long as it looks good and feels good, even sportswear can be great for the office. Right now, it is completely normal to experiment with clothes originally meant to sweat in, whether you want to wear them to the office or club.

The remarkable growth of sportswear brands

The narrowing gap between fashion and sportswear has driven tremendous growth for sportswear brands. It seems that the market and consumers have moved towards fitness-inspired fashion, which is quite evident from the remarkable growth of sportswear brands. High-street biggies no longer have a big share in the women’s fashion landscape as brands like Nike and Adidas have left behind names like H&M and Zara. You can read more to know about one such brand- Fabletics, which is entirely dedicated to sportswear fashion. Apart from capturing the market share, athleisure is also winning the social media game as A-listers and influencers are keenly flaunting the style on Instagram.

A trend that is here to stay

Now that enough has been said about the evolution of activewear, you would want to know how far the trend would go. Fashion experts unanimously agree that it is here to stay because this apparel blends style with comfort and versatility, which is something that a woman would want any day. And it can be worn to just any occasion, considering the popularity it has achieved in the last few years. In fact, fashionistas may even find it hard to return to more formal clothing once they become used to athleisure.

Following this trend does not remain a choice for the modern woman and you may be actually missing out if you haven’t tried it yet. So the next time you have a shopping spree on the mind, place activewear on the top of your wish list.

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