Indeed, you need a sports mouth guard for American football or any other contact sports. Let me tell you the reason. American football can be harsh that does come with some risk. Besides, most contact sports let one player involve with other athletes. Like, one can frequently bump with other players.

So, it is evident that players can get injured in some body parts. For example, in the head area, bones, teeth, and many more. Among them, dental injuries are a more frequent and common type of injuries in American football or other contact sports. 

This should be a major augment for why a mouth guard is required for athletes of every level and age. It not only saves teeth but also protects the jaw as well.The chances for contact-sports related injury to mouth and jaw are minimized by wearing a mouth guard. It best explains why you need a football mouth guard.

For the novice players over here, who deserve to know more about the mouth guard and its importance, we’ll discuss all of them over here.

Let’s get started.

What is the Sports Mouth Guard?

Sports Mouthguards are a thin and flexible piece of plastic that is placed over the teeth to protect the oral structure. It is basically made of Poly (vinyl acetate-ethylene) copolymer clear thermoplastic or Polyurethane or laminated thermoplastic.

Types of Mouth Guards

The mouth guards are found in three varieties;

  • Boil-and-Bitemouth guard: In these guards, the lining is softened in boiled water initially, then the user bites the guard. Finally, it conforms into the shape of the user’s mouth.
  • Stock mouth guard: These types of the guard comes pre-formed. User can alter or cut in according to their mouth shape.
  • Custom- fitted mouth guard: These types of guard provides maximum protection to the teeth, lips, and jaws. These are made by the dentist to fit the individual’s mouth.

Among all three, stock and boil-and-bite mouth guards are popular and mostly available in stores. However, the stock mouth guards are the least expensive and least protective than others. Whereas, boil-and-bite mouth guards are a bit bulky and provide and can be uncomfortable for a few people. Finally, the custom-fitted mouth guards can be expensive and offer better protection. 

Sports Mouth Guard

How do Mouth guards keep players safe?

Mouth guards work as a shock absorber for the mouth and teeth as well. When you are out without a mouth guard, then a hit in the face sends shockwaves rippling through your teeth, jaw, and skull. Whereas a football mouth guard is designed in a way that captures that sudden blow, then diffuse it and disperse it smoothly. In such a way, it keeps the player safe during the playtime.

Is it required to wear Mouth Guard in every contact sports?

Well, it depends on your play condition and type. Although, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), a mouth guard is mandatory alongside shoulder, hip, and knee pads, helmet, and thin guards. So, we would suggest you wear the mouth guard even if your team doesn’t require you to wear. You should be on the safe side being an athlete. Because, injuries can happen to anyone, anytime.

What To Consider While Choosing The Right Mouth Guard?

To get optimum protection, you must ensure that you have the right mouth guard. Make sure to pay attention to the following features;

  • Comfort: The first thing you need to make sure is that you are comfortable with whatever you are choosing. It shouldn’t sit too much on your soft palate. An ideal mouth guard should sit somewhere between the first and second molars.
  • Breathability and Speech Dependency: A perfect mouth guard should not make it difficult for you to speak or breathe.
  • Security: It should firmly place on your teeth structure. Don’t buy those mouth guards that make you busy in adjusting with the tongue.

Care Guidance of Mouth Guard

Follow these guidance tips to make the mouth guard durable.

  • After every use, make sure to wash the mouth guard in soapy and warm water. Then leave it to dry.
  • Keep it in well-ventilated plastic storage box after cleaning or when not in use.
  • Do not leave the mouthguard with the contact of direct sunlight, as heat can damage it.
  • Disinfect frequently with mouthwash.
  • Take it to the dentist for regular inspection.
  • Replace the mouth guard if it is damaged.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, a healthy set of teeth is necessary for a healthy smile. Thus, there are no better alternatives to using mouth guards while playing American football or other contact sports. You never compromise with poorly-made or cheap-quality mouth guards. So, make sure you are wearing a high-quality and well-fitted mouth guard.

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