It is surprising how the tiny, apple-seed sized insects can turn your life upside down. These human-feeding insects, commonly known as bed bugs, can drive you crazy. These bugs, because of their size and lack of visibility, are hardly noticed by people. Plus, bed bugs show up only at night to attack their victims and sneak away quickly before their victim wakes up.

If you ignore the symptoms of bed bugs for too long, it may lead to some long-term problems for your health and the hygiene of your house. So it is important to take immediate steps and precautions once you get a sign of the bed bugs lurking in your bedroom. You should check for their presence first on your bed; check its covers, mattress, folds, and corners. Then move forward to check the cupboards, furniture, clothes, and shoes.

It is better to call for professional help instead of performing the stunt yourself. The professional should be experienced and know how to deal with this problem of bed bugs. Not only they will help you get rid of them, but they will also help to restore the hygiene back into your house. 

Although bed bugs do not transmit any major health disease, their presence can eventually lead to many health issues, such as:

  • Lack of sleep: The first and the foremost effect of bed bugs living under your bed are noticed in your sleeping pattern. As the bed bugs are usually active at night, so they affect your sleep to a great extent. They cause uneasiness and make you uncomfortable while you are asleep. You tend to wake up a couple of times at night to check the cause of irritation or itching. When you are unable to get a good night of sleep, it is obvious that it spoils your whole day as well. According to Jordan Larson from, bed bug bites can actually weaken your immune system by depriving you of sleep. Insomnia is responsible for many major health problems like increased anxiety levels, depression, blood pressure, heart problems, and other health issues.  
  • Allergies: Skin rash or itching is the common signs and reaction of the bug bite. But if you are allergic to the bed bugs, your body can react in a very bad way. It can cause blisters, excruciating pain, or swelling on your exposed body parts. In such cases, you should make sure not to avoid these reactions and immediately run to the emergency room to avoid any further problems. Bug bite allergies are very rare, but they do exist. And if you experience it, you need to take immediate actions to throw these bugs out of your home.
  • Infections: Our skin is exposed to these evil creepers at night, which causes our skin to develop redness, rashes, and irritability. It is the human tendency to keep on scratching the wounded skin, which can cause further infection. Also, when the wounds are open, the chances of infection get higher.

Apart from the health issues, bed bugs are also responsible for some other problems in your life. They tend to cause issues like:

  • Financial loss: Sleepless nights and itchy skin is not the only thing that the bed bugs give you. They also cost lots of money. The scenario of bed bugs at home forces you to spend on hiring the professional help, buying the sprays to kill the bugs, and lots of money on replacing the damaged property. A person is usually prepared for the day-to-day expense, but the pest infestation is something uncalled for.
  • Damage of property: Bed bugs leave nothing. They cling on to every corner, every bit of furniture they find. They hide inside the bed and in its corners as well, which makes it important to change the mattress and sometimes, the bed platform as well. Bed bugs also spoil the furniture of your room; the sofa, chairs, closets, clothes, shoes, curtains, photo frames, carpet, etc. If ignored for too long, they can spread to the living area and other rooms as well. Some of these items can be reused after cleaning, but some have to be thrown out of the house.
  • Stress: A house is not just a property but a sense of attachment for most people. Throwing away your favorite things can be very hard for them. On top of that, the idea of replacing your bed and all the furniture in your room can cause lots of financial stress on you. Lack of sleep enhances your stress and anxiety.   
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