A decade ago, mental health problems like depression and anxiety were not seen as serious problems. It is only recently that we have started to look at mental health issues as a serious problem.

The person suffering from mental health issues could not really be open about the problem as there was quite limited awareness for it. We need to address this problem on a global scale and need to be educated about some basic principles regarding mental health problems.

How to Identify

People with mental health issues are usually hard to identify. It is mostly up to close friends, relatives or acquaintances to notice some behavioral changes that a stranger would simply miss out.

The person in question would start drifting away from the normal routine. He or she would stop enjoying life as they used to and it would be quite hard to get them to like things that were joyous to them before. These things can only be noticed by someone who meets them regularly.

Do it yourself

On noticing someone going through stress, anxiety, depression or any such mental issue, you should start taking some action yourself before taking professional help.

You should take out time and start having a heart to heart discussions with them. You shouldn’t start telling them about their problem but instead should listen very carefully to what they want to say.

Mostly having someone to talk to would solve half the problem. Be cautious while trying to question them on something very personal. They might not want to share it just yet. Being patient is the key!

Mental Health

Professional help

Once you identify a person with some mental health issue and are done building trust in them, you should waste no time in trying to seek professional help.

There are a lot of professionals available now that mental health issues, like depression, is seen as a serious problem. When you start looking for professional help, you would very easily find some very good depression treatment center options near you with a click of a button. Though it is easy to find professionals to help you, it is paramount that the patient should himself/herself be ready to join such programs. They should never be forced into anything as it would only deteriorate their condition.


It is usually not easy to find the causes of many mental illnesses. Every person is different and every person reacts to every situation differently, thus the causes for having mental health problems also vary.

Some of the most common causes are childhood trauma, chronic stress, social pressures, lack of friends, unemployment and so on.


There isn’t much that one can do to prevent mental health problems from developing. Since the causes are so vague, it is thus hard to figure out the preventive measures.

Still, studies have shown that the most effective way to avoid mental health issues is to keep yourself healthy and away from chronic ailments.

Other ways would be to surround yourself with friends and loved ones. It is also very important to keep sharing your problems and other thoughts with the people you trust.

Mental health problems are a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. The more awareness we are able to spread regarding this, the better. So keep your eyes open and try to help whoever may seem to be suffering from such problems!

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