The shower is a place for relaxing and letting go of all the negative energy for most of us. Don’t you feel like you want to freeze the time when you have a shower after a long working day?

But the environment of the shower should be clean, germ, and stain free. Without that, you may face a health hazard. We are going to show why you should seal grout in the shower so that you can keep it clean.

For being safe

Grout is made of sand and cement. If you do not seal it then obviously it is going to absorb water, stain, and bacteria. And the water stain on a shower looks gross. So when you add the sealer, then it repels the moisture and protects you from germs.

Gives a good look

Sealing the grout is an excellent idea for ensuring good looking grout for a long time.

The seal will protect the texture that makes grout look good. You will find that consistent good look for a very long time. So trying to seal grout by yourself will not a waste of time.

Do I need grout sealer for shower all the time?

Yes, you do. If you have epoxy based grout, then you do not need it all the time.

Epoxy based grout can naturally shed water, so you do not need to add anything. But epoxy grout is a little expensive and tricky to mix which you may want to skip.

When do I seal the grout?

After you install your tiles wait for at least 48 hours to dry out the grout. It needs to be entirely cured before you get the sealing job done. Before the process checks if the grout is completely dry. If you see any cracked up line on grout do a touch-up and wait for 48 more hours.


Do you have non-glazed tiles or natural stone surface? Then you should never try to apply grout sealer there. Non-glazed tiles or natural stone absorb the seal, and it does not come off. Most of us is not even aware of what tiles do we have. If you are clueless as well, then contact your local store to know the deal.

Types of grout sealers

Before applying just any grout sealer, it is better you have good knowledge of it. It will help you understand your expectations better. There are two types of grout sealer.

One is non-penetrating, and the other is penetrating.

Penetrating Sealers

These are better if you need grout sealer for shower or bathroom. It absorbs the sealer and keeps the moisture out.

Membrane forming grout sealer

This types of sealers create a coating on the grout surface, which does not let the water get absorbed. For your kitchen floor, it will be a good fit. But it is not ideal for bathrooms as it will not allow the trapped water to get evaporated.

Final thought

Before some years, I did not even know that grout needs sealing. Most people think it is not so necessary. But now that you know its importance give your grout love and care that it needs.

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