When you look in the mirror knowing you look good, it makes a major difference to your confidence and well-being. What you wear can either make you feel fearless or fearful. This applies to all clothing but one item that can instantly boost your self-esteem is a killer pair of shoes.

Shoes can say a lot about you and your personality. Moreover, a vibrant, bold color or feminine style can elevate your mood and aura. Although shoes are primarily functional, as fashion has evolved, so has footwear. You can now choose a pair that closely matches your individuality and uniqueness.

A great pair of shoes can make a statement, a positive impact, and give off the right first impression. If your mood is low or your lacking confidence, check out these shoe styles for an instant mental health revival.

Lace-up heeled boots

A pair of statement boots like these will show you mean business and are not to be messed with. The strong and sturdy design of this boot style will reflect in the way you see yourself and the way others see you.

To amplify your self-esteem further, opt for a bold and colorful design like fiery leopard print. However, this is not a must. A solid, black pair of boots can give an equally powerful impression.

Classic high-heeled pumps

These shoes are a classic for a reason. The traditional closed, pointed toe high heels with an ankle strap ooze feminine power. Although they may look delicate, a woman in high heels is a woman on a mission.

One common misconception about high heels is that only expensive, designer heels are worthy of recognition. This is absolutely not true.

All women can thrive in a pair of heels regardless of their budget. If you’re not keen to splash out then take a look at the cheap shoes online from JustFab for the most on-trend styles without the price tag. For an eye-catching look, go for their snakeskin faux leather design. Pair these with a double-breasted blazer dress for the ultimate takedown vibe.

Sky-high wedges

When you stand tall with a good posture you can take on anything. Wedges can make you feel on top of the world and transform any outfit. They’re such powerful shoes that alone, they can take you from day-time casual to an evening, ‘ready to kill’ look.

There’s an abundance of styles available to choose from. Suede zip front wedges or studded platform wedges are failproof choices for feeling incredible. If wedges aren’t your thing, try strappy chunky heeled sandals. These sturdy and supportive shoes will turn heads and help you feel ready to face whatever the day brings.

If you have an important interview, meeting, or public speaking event coming up, a killer pair of shoes will help you get the job done. Alternatively, if you just need to make it through a difficult family gathering, the shoes on this list will show you’re not a woman to be messed with.

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