Tired of putting a new toilet paper roll every other day? Tired of spending so much money on toilet paper? We all have wasted a lot of toilet paper and reducing its excessive use almost seems impossible. But you don’t need to worry anymore because three friends Daniel, Marcel and Michel took over the responsibility of reducing the excessive use of toilet paper and they came up with “pull and twist”. The main of these friends was not to come up with a device that would save toilet paper but they also aimed at creating something which will allow the people to save money and will also contribute to a healthy environment with less waste.

In the manufacturing industry, the inside of the toilet paper rolls have a different diameter and they even are oversized most of the times due to which the toilet paper loosens. When it loosens, with one pull, you get more than needed toilet paper and that leads to an excessive amount of toilet paper usage.

To deal with this problem, the three friends came up with a device which has a simple spring mechanism, with its two clicks, the size of the diameter is automatically adjusted which means that the problem of oversized rolls is solved. When this product is in use, you will surely get the desired number of sheets of toilet paper and will not waste paper.

The three friends who came up with this product have a company of their own, which aims at creating products of public utility yet they protect the environment. Their aim is to create products which ensure sustainable development, that means that they create products which are needed today yet they don’t deprive the future generation of the resources and the capability to meet their needs.

The company is based upon three pillars, these pillars include economic efficiency, social equity and a healthy environment. Pull and twist has been designed while keeping these pillars in view. Pull and twist can be used at home, caravans, boats or any place where there is an excessive use of toilet paper.

This product has the ability to intelligently distribute the paper and it also makes sure that the waste is reduced. With this product, you are able to save up to 50% of the toilet paper. Saving 50% of the toilet paper means that you are also saving 50% of the money that you were spending on toilet paper. Another cool thing of this product is that, one roll of toilet paper will last you for quite a while. So, you are saving money and you are also saving the environment from the excessive waste.

You may be wondering that it may be expensive but it is truly not, it is an affordable product and the cool thing is that it is a one-time investment. So, once you have invested into it, you will start saving money and you will also contribute in saving the environment.

This product is available in three different editions, the first is the Kickstarter edition which comes with two pull and twist and two bonus scented clips. The scented clips will make sure that every time you pull the toilet paper, your bathroom will be refreshed. Who doesn’t want a nice smelling bathroom right? You get all of this in the first edition and for $14 which is quite affordable. With this edition, you will save toilet paper in to of your bathrooms.

The second one is the Kickstarter edition one house kit, this includes three pull and twist and three bonus scented clips. You get all of this for $20, which means that all three bathrooms of your house will be covered and less waste will be created.

There is another edition, the Kickstarter edition, family and friends. It consists of five pull and twist, along with that, it comes with five bonus scented clips. When you get your hands on this edition, you can share the pull and twist with tour family and friends and they will also be saving money and toilet paper.

If you are also someone who wants to take an initiative to produce less waste then you should get your hands on this product.

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