Many people make the mistake of not giving outdoor lighting its due diligence and often end up regretting this later. In fact, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting requires the same consideration, regardless of whether you live in a condominium, townhouse, or standalone family home. Read on to understand why you need to give importance to outdoor lighting.

Why Consider Outdoor Lighting?

There are plenty of different exterior lighting fixtures available in the market today. Some of the popular lighting fixtures include pendant, lamp post, ceiling fixture, outdoor wall sconce, and so on. Bollard lights that help improve the visibility on long winding paths or steps are popular among many homeowners. If you are not sure about which fixtures to choose, take a deep breath, and take a look at the following questions:

  • Do you prefer your outdoor lights, to indoor lights, to style your home?
  • Do you prefer a very different outdoor lighting style from the indoor lighting style and prefer to accentuate instead?
  • Do you prefer a minimalistic approach where the fixtures are almost invisible?

The above questions make it clear that there are several ways to go about lighting the area around your home. With technology advancements, it has become possible to install outdoor lighting which can be controlled through an app on your smartphone.

Outdoor Lighting

Before deciding what outdoor lighting to put up, take a walk around your home at night while carrying a flashlight.  This will help you establish the dark corners and which spots require additional lighting for safety. You can also include additional lighting for beauty. Similar to indoor lighting, you can consider different light types like ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

According to the experts at certain areas like the front door, steps, driveways, pathways, garage doors, address plates, deck, flagpole, landscaping, and outdoor cooking area can benefit a lot with the right outdoor lighting. However, avoid direct lighting to avoid unnecessary glares. 

 If you are still on the fence, here are a few benefits offered by outdoor lighting: 

  • It increases the safety of your loved ones after sunset.
  • It helps thwart potential burglars and other criminals from targeting our home.
  • It makes it easier to move around the outside of your home after dark.
  • It creates a warm and welcoming ambiance when family or guests drop by for a visit.
  • It can be used to add drama or highlight interesting landscape features.
  • It makes outdoor grilling a fun experience, especially during summer.

An important thing to consider while investing in outdoor lighting is checking whether it is wet-rated or damp-rated. This can prove useful, especially if you live in a part of the country that is prone to rains. Some places require outdoor lighting fixtures to be directed downwards in order to reduce light pollution. Experts also advise checking local code requirements in relation to outdoor lighting. 

The outdoor areas of your home are often an extension of your home. Many people use their outdoor area for different purposes like throwing a barbeque party, a pool party, a picnic party, a play area for the kids, etc. With the right outdoor lighting, you can ensure better utilization of outdoor space after sunset.

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