Life has changed a lot after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic this year. Although the lockdowns are gradually being lifted, staying at home seems to be the safest thing to do. And while you are indoors, it makes sense to have a workout routine in place for staying fit and keeping yourself positive. Even as you exercise at home, you need to dress right to be comfortable and stay motivated. Here are some ideas that you can implement with your activewear if you want to look good as you work out at home.

Prioritize comfort and durability

Maintaining a routine from home is challenging because you don’t actually pay for a gym membership. Since you will need to stay motivated to continue day after day, week after week, the right attire can go a long way. Make sure that your activewear is comfortable enough, with a fabric that is breathable and easy on the skin. Since you will probably wear and wash stuff every day, durability should also be on top of your mind.

Don’t sacrifice on style and looks

Even as you do not go out to the gym or jogging track, you should still aspire to dress well because it will keep you positive amid the stressful situation.  Certainly, dressing up makes you feel good and you should follow this tip for work and workout. While you are thinking to replenish your active wear collection, checking out Kate Hudson’s Fabletics for inspiration is a great idea. Dressing up is not a big effort but it will keep you going even when you exercise at home rather than at the gym.

Match your moods

Another amazing idea with active wear while you exercise at home is matching your moods. It is as easy as stocking up the basic shades as well as vibrant hues in t-shirts and leggings so that you can experiment with combinations and contrasts. Have some variety in your shoes and accessories too. Mix and match them to try something new every day so that you can spice up your workout looks. Apart from playing with color, you can also stock up stuff in appealing prints and patterns, right from animal prints to polka dots and stripes.

Have something for every type of workout

With activewear, you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach because different types of exercises call for different clothes. For example, loose shorts are ideal for a cardio routine while you will need some leggings or yoga pants for a yoga session. Bear in mind the different types of exercises that you plan to do as a part of your home fitness routine and pick some pieces for each. Adding variety in your plan as well as clothing is a good way to follow it regularly and get excellent results too.

Whether you are already following a plan at home or want to get started with one, have a good look at your activewear collection right now. Shop new stuff and reward yourself with shopping as and when you achieve your goals.

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