Are you looking to organize your space seamlessly? Well, the Huk-up is a product that you direly need in your gorgeous home and office. It is an incredible item that can hang, hold and suspend stuff. The best part is that you can hang towels, keys, sunglasses, lanterns, and BBQ utensils. It’s worth mentioning the brilliant mind behind the successful project. His name is Chris Manella who is a retired US marine.  In addition to that, Chris is disabled but uses his time to craft amazing gadgets. Have a look at the standout specifications that Huk-up has.


Huk-up has remarkable characteristics that will appeal to you as a client. For starters, it is made of neodymium magnets for connection purposes. Further, the coating is utterly silicone to give it a fine finish and utmost protection.

Huk-up comes in arrays of sizes that satisfy every ounce of your needs. For instance, you can use the micro type to attach some papers on the refrigerator. Moreover, it works well with the string of LED lights in your home. Another size is small that is ideal for kitchen towels, gym towels, and bar towels alike. The medium one has a larger loop for more strength. The large size is great with big towels, horse blankets, gadgets, and tack.

They come in two different colors that complement your interior décor. You can choose from clear and black as well.


There are bountiful benefits that Huk-up brings to the table. When you purchase them, you can expect the following.



You can use the products in various settings at home and in commercial areas. Huk-up is highly versatile and applies to industries such as military, restaurant, bar, medical and woodworking shops. What’s more, you can utilize it in professional sports, car wash, beauty shops and film realm.


Due to its masterpiece design, Huk-up is safe to use in any location. The magnets hold on to each other without falling. On that account, you rest assured that the loop will not disconnect at all. Your items are in safe minds with this fantastic accessory.

Seamless Installation

You don’t need a detailed manual to set up the device. The highlight is that you don’t require any tool as well to install it. The process is quick and within no time the Huk-up is ready for use.


You can move the Huk-up to another surface as you wish. It is mobile and sticks to a place that is compatible with the magnet. The built-in loop works magic too in ensuring that the device works perfectly.

Choice of Sizes

As aforementioned, the Huk-up comes in several sizes. Thus, you can pick one according to the capacity that you need to suspend. The sizes are small, micro medium, and large.

Bottom Line

Huk-up is an exceptional product that adds life to your home. Therefore, you can support the project so that it has coverage in the United States. This way, everyone can get to hang all their items and locate them with ease.

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