Beep, Beep, Beep (Bloody Alarm) it’s 6.30!

Get ready and take the bus to reach the workstation!

Do the same fu*k all day long until its 5!

Returned home at 7, exhausted!

Take a shower, dinner, watch Netflix and it’s 11!


Same shit every day, every week, every month and every year! I am sick of it! Fu*k Life! Seems familiar? Well, I felt the same few years ago! Life seemed useless to me, or you can say pointless. But things have changed one day. Life isn’t at all dull, it is full of excitement and thrill. Every second of it is new and refreshing.

Wondering how I changed my view towards life? No, sir, I didn’t quit my job! I am more serious about my career than before. Is it magic? Yes, you can say! It is the magic of exploring the world through traveling!

I travel at least twice a month now! But I have a 9-5 job!

How can I manage? Wanna know my secret?

Okay, seat tight with popcorn and wine, keep reading until the end!

Never Waste Weekends

For 9-5 job holders, a weekend is the best time to travel.You can travel a place without any day off. Never ever waste those weeks that has a public holiday on the first day of the week. You will get one extra day. Fly on Friday night and got back home on Monday! Join office on Tuesday! As simple as that! Don’t worry it will not make you exhausted because of too much journey instead you will feel alive!

Take evening flights and learn to sleep on the way

When you have a 9-5 job, taking evening flight would be the smartest choice. Your time is limited. You have an office to catch on Monday! So, catch the evening flight on the last day of the week. Reach your destination on the weekend morning! Now you have a full day to explore!

Try to sleep on your way. Whether on train, or bus or plane, learn to sleep! It’s not easy for everyone, some people find it difficult to sleep on planes. But it is not that hard to build up a new habit. You can do it too! Just keep trying! If you can fall asleep everywhere or any transport, it will save a lot of your time! Learn to sleep on the way!

Limiting uses of luxury

Travel requires money. Start saving from now on. Don’t waste money to show others! Luxury items may give you impression but it can’t buy happiness.

Purchase whatever is required not to show people you have thousand dollar watch in your hand! 100 dollar watch shows exactly the same time, don’t forget! Limit the use of luxury which can help you to travel and explore the world. Save money on travel too. Find cheap and comfortable solutions.

Work in the travel industry or work as a traveling guide

Those who want to travel a lot, working in the travel industry is the best choice for them. You will get a lot of opportunity in that way. You can go for travel with your clients as a traveling guide as well.Your work will not seem at all boring as you are running with your passion. However, if it is not your passion to work in the traveling industry, you can skip the point.

Explore your motherland

Why thousands of tourist come to your country every year? They don’t come spontaneously. Don’t forget your country also have many tourist attraction places. I’m sure, many of those are unseen to you. So, you can pack your bags, buy a train ticket and explore your motherland too. For an employer, it’s hard to take a long tour. So, you can take the weekend to travel your countryside. It will be very precious to you.

Use your Earn leave for Long Tour

Every company offers earn leave to their employees for traveling purpose. You can use those leaves for a long trip. For travel outside of your country, use earned leave is the ideal idea.

Final words

Life is short and we are not immortal. There is no point to live sad because of a heartbreak, work stress, same routine and blah blah blah! No point to complain every time. Look at the world my friend, everything so beautiful. Travel and Smile.

Be happy and help others to be happy as well. Happiness can be found in the darkest of time as Mr. Dumbledore said on the Harry Potter. Traveling is that happiness which will help you to explore the world as well as your own soul. A 9-5 job? Its okay, you can even live with it too if you play smart. A lot of people are managing their jobs and things they like to do! You can also manage if you wish!

No more today. We will meet soon with some more traveling tips. Till then, stay healthy and share your opinion with us.

Have a good day!

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