Life is a mixture of ups and downs. While there are times when we are happy and enjoy life to the fullest, there are situations when everything just seems to be going wrong. Well, troubles and heartaches in life are unavoidable and inevitable. Though we cannot prevent them, we can definitely stay positive in negative circumstances and emerge from them much wiser and stronger.

This article explains what to do whenever one finds himself lost. These reminders will motivate you when you need it the most:

  1. Nothing is permanent: Everything in this life is temporary and nothing lasts forever. If you are going through bad days, it doesn’t mean you won’t experience happiness again. Just believe that the bad time will someday end and you will experience a new beginning. So, enjoy every moment of life, whether good or bad as nothing is permanent.
  2. Focus on the positive and leave the negative: Whenever you have rough times, think about your blessings instead of the problems as worry won’t change anything. Count the things you have and search for happiness in them. Have a positive approach toward life and rest assured in the fact that the bad time will soon pass. Remember happiness arrives when you stop complaining about your issues and start feeling grateful for the problems you don’t have!
  3. Pain is a part of growing: God never closes a door without opening another. So, whenever this happens, it’s time for you to move forward. Remember nothing happens without a reason and no pain comes without a purpose. Learn from your past and move on with the firm belief that good times are coming. Stay patient as everything will fall into place, maybe not immediately, but eventually.
  4. Scars are symbols of strength: Don’t regret your past and never be ashamed of your scars it has left you with. Scars mean you went through the hurt, learned a lesson, got stronger and moved forward. Though you can make your scars disappear, you can choose how you want to see them. View them as a symbol of your strength and not pain.
  5. Ask for help:  One of the best ways to cope with your problems is to share them with others. Don’t feel shy to call your family members or friends whenever you feel low. There might be people who will understand your situation and will help you overcome it. So, no matter whether you need emotional support or financial assistance, feel free to look forward to people who care.
  6. Take care of yourself: Whenever problems arise, make sure to take care of yourself. Take proper rest, eat healthy and do things you love. This way you will feel better and much equipped to deal with your issues.
  7. What others think is none of my business: There are many people who will try to bring you down in your hard times. You shouldn’t let them affect you as their thinking is none of your business and vice versa.
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