Water is the essential things for the living. About 70% of earth surfaces are covered by the water.

Unfortunately, only 3% of the total water is accessible to humans and other lives.

So, this is the right time for taking an action to save water for us and also for our future generation.

Do you have any idea how much water we used in a day? Recent research says that the average consumption of water by a family consisting four members is 450 liters. Huge, isn’t it?

Only with some smart strategies while washing dishes, brushing teeth and watering your plants can help to save a huge amount of water every day.

Here I got some way that will easily help you to save water in indoor or in outdoor. Let’s discuss it.

Indoor water maintenance

For indoor water maintenance, you can take some decision while you’re taking shower, brushing teeth, washing dishes or laundering. It’s not hard to take indoor water conservation. Taking few steps can save a lot of water. Let’s take a look.

Saving water from taps

Do not turn the tap on while brushing teeth or shaving

In times of shaving or brushing, we usually keep the tap on. It’s totally unnecessary and it can waste 6 liters of water per minute! That’s huge! So, turn off the taps when brushing your teeth or shaving and save 6 liters of water.

Set up a water-saving shower head

Do you know that showers heads can use 6 to 45 liters water per minutes? When you soaping your body or shaving, you may turn off the shower. It can also save water. Or it will be more precious if you set water-saving shower. You can install a shower head which combines water and air, or interesting regulator in your shower. You can find those in your local shops or online.

Fix a dripping tap

It’s essential to fix up a dripping tap. Otherwise, it can waste huge water. A dripping tap can waste 15 liters of water per day. So, take it seriously.

Checking leaks

We often ignore leaks which are not at all good. If you have any kind of leaks in the bathroom or in the kitchen, fix it as soon as possible. Only one leak can waste 30 to 500 gallons of water on average. Be serious!

Conservation of water in the bathroom

How to conserve water in the bathroom? Very good question. You can conserve water by taking a shorter shower, use a bath bucket to collect water or install a low flush toilet. These are totally helpful for saving water.

Take a shorter shower

I think nothing is precious than taking a shower. It gives you refreshment and relaxes from every single thing of your life. Just remind, on average we use 100 liters of water in a shower! So, cutting shower time in half can save lots of water too. Even you can use a timer for fun and try to break your previous shower time record. It will be helpful and enjoyable.

Use a bath bucket to collect water

While going for a shower, we usually turn on the shower and wait for hot water to come. In this little period, a lot of water get waste. Use a bath bucket to collect that water and you can use those for various purposes.

Set a low-flush toilet

According to the MWRA, changing 3.5 gallons toilet to 1.6 gallons model low-flush toilet can save 54% of water while using the toilet. If you found out the toilet leak, replace it with low-flush toilet. Mind it, toilet leaks can waste water more than faucet leaks.

Read more about toilet cleaning tips and toilet cleaning Products.

Use waste water or gray water

Wasted water comes from the bath, dishwashing and washing machine can also be used in your garden, lawn, and yard and even in for flushing toilet. You can save a lot of water in this way.

Conserve water from the laundry

Washing clothes is another essential chore that causes a lot of water wastage. In every wash, it needs 40-50 gallons of water load which is massive. However high efficiency front load washers take 15-30 gallons of water in every load that means it will reduce water wastage. You can try a high efficiency front load washer. That saves both electricity and water.

Outdoor water maintenance

For conserving water in the outdoor, you can follow these steps. It will help to use water more carefully and save water as well. Set a water meter, track your water usage time, maintain your sprinkles, and wash a car with a bucket and so on. That’s all can help you most with outdoor water maintenance.

Let’s discuss elaborately.

Set a water meter

Do you know how much water you use in a day? If you don’, set a water meter to track. If you already have one installed, learn how to read it. Meter is very useful to track leaks.After installing it, you have to wait one or two hours without running any water, then watch it. If meter moves, congratulation you have leaks in the system, find and fix as early as possible.

Scheduled your water usage

Maintaining time is always helpful for all things. Even for water usage, a schedule is essential. You can limit your water using the time to save water. A timer for outdoor sprinkles and taps is the ideal choice in that case. An automatic timer or programmable timer is a great solution that can help to water your garden at a specific time without wasting water.

If you’re using sprinkles or irrigation timer, set time according to the season. If you don’t want to use a timer, use hose carefully to avoid water wastage.

Conserve your sprinkles and irrigation

Make sure the sprinkles or irrigation system is doing absolutely fine. Damage or leakage on those kinds of stuff can waste a lot of water too. Find out and fix as soon as possible.

Washing car

For washing a car, use a bucket or nozzle hose to save water. You can also use waterless sprays and car wipe, these are a bit costly but helpful. Washing car in car wash shop is also a good idea. Because they use less water and reuse it. If possible, use eco friendly cleaners so that you can reuse that water in your garden.

Cleaning the driveway or sidewalk

Don’t try to wash driveway or sidewalk. It’s an unnecessary job! Just keep them clean from dust by using a rake or leaf blower. That’s enough, in the rainy season, rain takes care the rest.

Cover your swimming pool

Do you have a swimming pool? If yes, cover it during the night. In the summer season, it will help to prevent evaporation of pools water. A pool needs a lot of water, that’s why many states prohibited emptying and re-filling of pools water. Because this system wastes a huge amount of water.

Conservation of water in the garden

How can we save water in the garden? Good question! You can save or conserve water by taking some basic. Just water at the right time, try to plant flower because it needs less water, collect rainwater and try to use some watering technology for your garden. I think that’s enough for the conservation of water in the garden. Let’s see those tips elaborately:

Use Watering Technology

It’s a very good idea of saving water. You can use micro sprinkles or drip irrigation system to water your garden or lawn deeply with less water. Water your garden at night is another smart idea to save water. Because during the night, there would be no sunlight and no evaporation. Try to save rainwater in a tank if possible and use where required.

Do not cut grass too short

Short grasses require more water to grow up again. Don’t cut grasses too short. If you are living in low rainfall area, forget the growth of grass. Just plant these which need less water to grow up.

Conservation of virtual water

Changing planet, changing the weather and reducing the water level. In this current situation, conservation of virtual water is as necessary as conserve water. There are several ways to save virtual water. Try to eat local foods and try to use local cloths. Because if you eat or use things that come from long away, probably it needs lots of water to carry it to you. You know, gasoline production uses gallons of water every day. It will be good for you if you aren’t eat processed foods more. Because processed food needs a lot of water to make it and those are less healthy too.

Final words

One single step of yours can save a life. You can follow these basic tips and save a huge amount of water every day. Talk those tips with your neighbors, relatives, friends, kids and tell them to share those tips with their connection. Together we can make a heaven for the future generation.

No more today, I’m covering up for now. We will meet soon with some more practical tips and hacks.

Till then stay healthy, save water and share your opinion with lifestylemob.

Thank You!

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Great Blog! Blogging is an amazing skill with which you can share your thoughts. Love your ideas keep up the good work!

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