Packing up your car and prepping yourself for a camping trip is a bit of a lengthy process, at least, it should be! Far too often beginner campers underestimate the amount of prep a successful camping trip actually takes, and the result is usually not as enjoyable as it could be, which is not what you want! So, when you’re heading out with your family and it feels like you have thousands of things to do and remember, it’s a very good idea to slow down and do your research.

Here’s what you’ll need to sort for your camper and your family before you hit the road for your adventure to the great outdoors…

3 simple camper trailer accessories

Your camper trailer needs a couple of add ons to ensure that you’re going to have the best and most convenient trip. The camper trailer accessories that you should consider bringing along for the ride include…

H-Style Rack: An H-style rack is attached to the roof of your car and makes it possible for you to haul along bigger items like a surfboard, bikes and even a boat. This is particularly essential if you’re headed to a coastal or lake location, you want to get the most out of that water, right?

Barbeque: A dirty and overcrowded communal camp kitchen can turn anyone’s appetite, so having your own barbeque can be a complete lifesaver. You’ll be able to cook up perfect food whenever you like, and you never know, you might make a couple of site buddies out of it too!

Battery Pack (preferably 12 volts): A 12 Volt battery pack is essential for most travellers, you can bring along all your essential electric gear and ensure that you’re contactable and safe during your whole trip. Yes, heading to the great outdoors is all about removing yourself from technical noise, however, you should always be prepared and sensible especially when you’re exploring with your family.

Camping trip

Packing and prepping your food

Proper food preparation is essential if you’re going to have a smooth-running, fuss-free family camping trip. Hop online and search for a camping food checklist or compile your own off a specific meal plan. Break down the exact food you want to eat so you can pre-buy, chop and pack everything you need. Freezing a few sneaky pre-made meals will also save your life on those nights where you’re just exhausted and can’t face cooking. Try and keep breakfast foods simple and hassle-free by choosing things like cereal bars, breakfast biscuits or a healthy fruit salad.

Keeping your belongings organised

Make sure that your packing and storage systems all center around organisation. If your camper isn’t a folding model, be sure to pack evenly, with the heaviest items positioned at the front of the trailer. Dedicate a separate bag to every family member to avoid any dramas when objects go missing. Separate your storage, be it in the car or in the trailer, by food, clothing, accessories and equipment, entertainment and first aid. A color-coded system works wonders especially when you’re pressed for time. You should also invest in dedicated camping Tupperware to curb annoyances when you’re missing a lid from your household set and you realize it’s packed in your trailer.

Follow these tips and you’re going to be breezing through your next family camping trip! Camping with the clan is a beautiful, memorable experience and with a few preparations in order, you’re going to be enjoying it to the absolute fullest.

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