2019 is the year of self-expression. Everyone can be their own person and make their individuality felt. If you are a social media buff, you know how everyone has been expressing themselves. You can not only express yourself on social media but also in real life now. Make your own fashion statement and be your own person.

Choose your style

Everyone has their own style. If you’ve found yours, flaunt it. If you haven’t you can always experiment with different styles and find one that suits you. Why should you not follow trends? There’s a very simple answer for this. Every body type is different. You should find clothes that suit your body type specifically. Season trends that come out may be for specific body types and you have full freedom to do your own thing.

Wear your colors

There are colors for every season. But should green be the color of the season, and it doesn’t suit you, avoid. You don’t have to follow trends, you just have to look good. The colors that suit you, depend on your skin tone. If you have a yellowish complexion, wearing pastels will make you look paler. Wear pastels only if you have a darker complexion. Flaunt bright colors if you’re fair. Create your own statement by mixing colors for a unique look. There’s a lot you can do with colors.


Clothes are incomplete without accessories. Accessorize your look in your style and make a unique look. You can wear chunky jewelry on plainclothes or even color coordinate. Necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, anklets, earrings, and piercings are a lot of options you can experiment with. Look at the latest trends and mold this in your style. Out of all clothing, you can experiment with accessories the most. Make the most of this and keep your thinking caps on. Standard black accessories go with all light colored clothes. Pair colored accessories with darker clothes to flaunt them. 


You may have the best clothes and accessories, but these are all for naught if they don’t fit properly. A good bra shapes your body and gives it a nice contour for clothes to sit on, which in turn makes clothes look even better. Colors and shapes of the bras are very important, so pair the right ones with your outfits.  You now have the option of buying stylish and quality bras that feel comfortable all day for a complete experience. Wearing a bright colored bra under light clothes will not look good unless you want to subtly flaunt the bra. Mix fashion with comfort.


Finish your look off with shoes! If your outfit is great but shoes are drab, the whole outfit loses its feel. Pair casual, glamorous, comfortable and stylish pairs of footwear with outfits of the same kind. It’s a fashion faux pas to pair sneakers with glamorous evening gowns. In the same way, you don’t want to be stuck with high heeled pumps with a grunge look, unless you really know how to carry it off.

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