As a homeowner, you must install a toilet flange in your toilet. A toilet flange connects the base of the toilet to the drainpipe on the floor of the bathroom. A toilet flange is the part of the pipe that links the toilet to the waste channel.  It is called a bathroom spine, and a term got from the days when toilets were known as ‘Water storage rooms.”

It might be an ideal opportunity to replace a toilet flange that incorporates water dropping at the base of the toilet that begins to shake forward and backward.

Many homeowners discover when they try to replace it DIY-style that it is a complicated process. But if you have the correct instruments and you know about that learning, it is a possible DIY.

Looking for a Toilet Flange

The right method to know you’ve gotten the correct can spine is to expel your present one and convey it with you to your neighborhood handyman shop. Even though PVC is the most widely recognized sort of material used to create toilet flange, they likewise come in copper, cast press, aluminum, hardened steel, and metal. They also come in different shapes and sizes.

Required Tools

Following these steps to flange replacement, adding the tools you will need to prepare the job done the right way. You need the correct tools and proper steps, you can expect the project to require a few hours of your time.

  • Multi-head screwdriver
  • Measurement tape
  • Old cloth and daily papers
  • Wax bowl
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Hacksaw

Void Water

Turn off the main water supply to the toilet then disconnect the water supply hose. This is the handle on the divider behind the toilet flush valve. Turn the handle clockwise to close it off. Flush the toilet, enable it to refill, and after that kept flushing until the point when all the water has depleted from the toilet bowl. Release the water supply hose from the bathroom.

Sufficiently spread the daily paper on the bathroom floor with the goal that you have a place to sit the toilet once expelled.

Remove the Toilet

Before you want to set up a new toilet flange, firstly, you must remove the toilet then use your flexible torque to remove the joints. Presently comes the moderately tricky part. It’s always best on the off chance that you can enroll the guide of a relative, companion, or to a high degree decent neighbor.

Remove Flange

Use your putty blade to clean the wax from the flange. Remove the screws joining it to the floor using your multi-head screwdriver. Keep the screws for some other time. Wipe off the spine and tuck an old cloth into the sewage surge pipe to obstruct any undesirable sewer smells or gasses. Measure the width of the sewer pipe to decide the right size for the spin. At that point, put your old one of every pack and go to the closest equipment or home change store.

Make Your Purchases

Ensure the flange you buy is a similar size and shape. Notwithstanding the flange, you will require another wax ring. The right stray pieces regularly accompany the toilet flange. One of the chances that for any reason these pieces are excluded, you will have the ones you spared among removal. On the off chance that they were not doing so good, you should buy new stray pieces.

Replace New Flange

Now you can replace the new flange. Insert the new bolts and inside the new flange. Take out and set away from the nut and washers on each bolt. Insert two bolts into their similar holes. You can try to set these items on positions across from each other. If bolts are not covered in your replacement kit, reuse the ones from the previous flange provided they are in perfect form. 

Replace Toilet

When you replace a new flange, then put the toilet on the flange. Replace the box by arranging the openings on the toilet base with the two jolts. Try to keep the toilet straight and as opposite as conceivable when bringing down.

Once the toilet bowl is full, flush it a couple of times to ensure it is working accurately without spills.

Restore the Water Supply

After finished you all work, then you can turn on the water supply line by rotating the valve with the water movement. As soon as possible, you open it; you will hear water running into the tank.

Finally, we would like to say; we have mentioned all the essential steps to support you to install a toilet flange like a trained plumber.

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