Dirty toilets smalls bad, looks bad and uncomfortable to use. Cleaning a toilet is a regular necessity. Though it is a disgusting job its essential.

Clean toilets give a fine impression on your family members and guests. Not only that, a dirty toilet is the warehouse of harmful virus and bacteria which can cause several diseases.

That’s why it is mandatory to keep the toilet clean. People haven’t that much free time in this busy world. So, try to choose a way which can save your time and energy both.

How to clean toilet

Here we got some tips that will help you to clean your toilet properly. Keep reading:

Wear gloves on hand

The toilet is a hell full of bacteria. So before you start, wear a pair of waterproof rubber gloves. After cleaning, wash those gloves and, keep those away from other pairs of the glove. Try to purchase different color gloves so that those won’t be mixed up with each other.

Remove Everything from Toilet Before Cleaning

Your accessories can be wetted by toilet water in time of cleaning. Remove all the things that are on the toilet. You never want to drop any objects into the bowl. Keep away all excess items from around the toilet and on top of the tank. Otherwise, things can drop into the bowl while cleaning.

Add cleaning solution and Flush

Flush your toilet and apply a good quality cleaning solution, powder, liquid or gel inside the bowl and in the rim. Use a good quality toilet brush and rub those dirty areas. Leave for a while and flush! Magic! The clean toilet you always wanted.

Clean the exterior of the toilet

After cleaning the internal part of the toilet bowl, you have to clean the outside of the toilet too. Start with the top, spray the tank, handle and tank edges with the cleaner and wipe down with a cleaning cloth. Then clean outside lid of the toilet. Lastly, wipe the entire bowl.

Clean the toilet seat

Don’t forget to clean the toilet seat. It’s an obvious part of a toilet which directly contacts with persons. So, it is also important. You have to spray the seat, inside lid and the rim of the toilet with cleaner. Then wipe down the lid, seat and the back part of the toilet seat. If your toilet has hinges, additionally you may get better access to cleaning.

Clean the inside of the toilet bowl

It’s important to clean the inside of the toilet bowl. If you forget to clean this part, then you will see the brown mineral buildup along the rim. So, apply cleaners in it then scrub with a toilet brush. Finally, down the lid and turn on the toilet flush. Your job almost is done.

Wipe up

Wipe up every single drop of cleanser or water. Put away all the tools you used during cleaning the toilet and replace the items if possible.

Additional Tips

  • Use gloves to prevent contact with those dirty things of toilet
  • Use Goggles to keep your eye protected from splashes of toilet
  • You can use a mask as well to prevent yourself drink any of those dirty water from toilet accidentally!
  • Lid down the toilet seat, before switching the flush.
  • While scrubbing a toilet, don’t use sponges. Those are famous for breed bacteria. You can use paper towels instead. After cleaning, throw it away.
  • If you wear reusable cloths during toilet cleaning, then wash them as soon as possible with bleach.

Essentials for Toilet Cleaning

  • Gloves
  • Toilet Brush
  • Goggles or glasses
  • Cleanser
  • Paper towels
  • Cloths

Final words

A toilet is the most visited place in a house. We visit the toilet several times a day. So, it’s necessary to keep it clean. A clean toilet gives a good impression of yourself, your family members and guests.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more tips and life hacks. Till then, stay healthy and share your valuable opinion with the lifestylemob team.

Have a good day!

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