Do you truly know yourself?

Does relationship status define happiness?

Why love sex and dating is valued as the ultimate goal of life?

Do you think a relationship can make your past, present and future okay?

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Nowadays, it feels like dating, love, and sex is the ultimate goal of life. It’s like if you find someone special, he or she will make your past present and future okay. Can another person make your life perfect? I don’t think so.

Still, people are in the quest for love. What is the reason? Is it because people feel lonely or they don’t want to confront anything about themselves?

Sometimes it is both. Things that seem love to you is it love or the result of loneliness and escapism? Do you know the answer? If yes, don’t forget to share.

Some people believe that if they find that special one, their life will be heavenly. Even they don’t want to agree that happiness is possible only with yourself. Some other people also think that being single is a kind of disease.

Our society, environment and culture highlight couple in a way that makes single people feel like lepers often. Look around; the Facebook feed is full of pictures and status of couples, Insta says everyone is in a healthy relationship, people are dating on a regular basis in Tinder! Only you are alone! It can make someone down.

But you know what? A study of University of California at Santa Barbara says something different. In the American Psychological Association’s 124th annual conference, Bella DePaulo presented her research after sifted through 814 studies. Here is the highlight of her presentation:

  • Single people have more fulfilling social lives
  • They experience greater psychological growth then married people
  • Single people are more connected with friends and family
  • Single people are more self-sufficient
  • Single people experience less negative emotions

Thanks to The Guardian for sharing such an informative article. See, single people are awesome. If you are single, congratulation, you are already happier than most of the people out there. At least, you can do whatever you want to! No one to question your decision except, no one to stop you watching your favorite TV show, no one to force to make your bed in the morning!

Still, some people want to know the secret about how to be happy being single. Now here is the deal:


Stop chasing for love, take a deep breath and relax. If it is your time to fall in love you don’t have to chase, love will come automatically. The first thing you have to do is stop, and erase all those thoughts of where is, my love, how will I get that person and blah blah blah! Give it a Shift+Deleteso that those can’t stay on the Recycle Bin. Otherwise, they will come to visit again to ruin your happiness.

Reboot Your Thoughts

There is a common thought that often comes while someone is single. And the thought is, ‘I am the only single person in this world and I have no one to care about.’ The world is full of 7.6 billion people. Millions In this 7.6 billion are single. So, chill buddy, you are not alone here!

It’s Okay

what is okay? S/he turned me down after years of relationship! And you are saying, it’s okay?!? Remember, some people would love to be with you forever, there are people you have rejected, and there are people who broke you down. It’s okay! It happens to everyone. If you are single at any age, tell yourself you made the right decision.

Celebrate the Freedom

No one is near to give you a killer stare while you are cutting your nail with teeth. Nobody is going to shout to you if you come late. Celebrate this freedom, my friend, it is precious. Do whatever you like to do with your own company.

Some people are afraid to do things by themselves, which is common all over the world. Go to the movies, shopping, bar anywhere with yourself. Give yourself a special treat on every occasion. Nothing will happen instead you will learn how to enjoy alone.

Make a Happiness List

List everything that makes you happy truly. As you are single, you got an excellent chance to find out what gives you peace and happiness. It is the perfect chance to know yourself better. If you have a list, you can do those things every day. Your happiness depends on you, not on other person’s presence. If you aren’t able to be happy alone and love yourself, how will you love someone else?

Practice Self-Love

Been in a deep relationship with yourself first. Be your own beloved. You are single, you have enough time and opportunity to look deeper and deeper. Fall in love with yourself every day.

Start the day with a smile and:

1. Embrace: embrace all those things that make you different from others

2. Encourage: encourage yourself with positive words every single day. Don’t tell yourself I feel down instead say I am Happier than ever today. Say good things about yourself and let yourself feel appreciated.

3. Forgive: Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone has a positive and negative feature in them. Don’t be harsh on yourself. We all make mistakes every day. Accept and tell yourself that you have learned something new!

4. Protect: Protect yourself from TOXIC people. With their negative thoughts, they will suck all your happiness like a drink!

5. Treat: Give yourself treat on special occasion. Suppose you got a job, a promotion, or a medal for doing anything right. Don’t forget to treat yourself with quality food, music or a classy shopping.

Thanks to the Inspiringtips for their excellent suggestion on self-practice. Try to follow these tips to learn a new skill. What is that skill? Self-Love!

Family & Friend Time

When is the last time you talk at least 10 minutes you’re your mother? Or with your father? Do you know the favorite dish of your loving sister? Or who is your little bros favorite superhero? The relationship often drives ourselves far away from our family. Don’t do that, because when you were at your most vulnerable position, your family supported you and a few close friends. Don’t forget their faces. They will be by your side until the end. So, spend quality time with friends and family. You will feel secure and not alone.

solo traveling Solo Traveling

To learn, discover and enjoy the freshness of nature as well as people, solo traveling is the best thing. It embraces ourselves the most. Travel as much as you can afford. You will never feel lonely again.

Traveling is one of the easiest ways to become aware of the magic that weaves all of creation together through serendipity and synchronicity with perfect timing. – Adam Siddiq

Focus on Your Career

Do you have a passion? Work for it and be the best in your field. Don’t stop until you take yourself in the best position. Work hard and develop your career.

Take Care Yourself

at the end of the day, your body is the most important thing. You can’t enjoy it if you are not fit. Exercise, meditate and eat healthy foods. Take care of yourself.

Start a New Hobby

Learn something new that interests you. Take a Spanish class if you like, or learn self-defense or anything else you wish. It will make you feel better also give you the opportunity to meet new people.

Enjoy your life with or without someone. The life is precious, you will not going to get another. What will happen in the next moment, nobody knows. Why think about the past or live in the future? Be where you are! Do weird things, things you like to do. Make yourself the person you want to date. And love? It will come if it meant to. Otherwise, why so serious buddy? Being alone is the best thing you can have just don’t make it loneliness. Remember only you are the reason for your happiness, not anyone else. Also, happiness is a choice, if you make a choice, alone or with someone doesn’t matter.

Hasta la Vista for now. I will meet you with someday. Till then:

Don’t forget to answer the above questions!

I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not defined by another person. —Oscar Wilde

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