Attracting birds to your garden brings many benefits from the joy of listening to their song to the fact they will eat weed seeds helping to reduce the problem of uncontrollable weed growth among your plants.

However, not all birds rely on seeds or berries alone – there are many species which also eat insects, particularly to feed their young with in the spring time, so attracting birds which eat bugs to your garden can give you the added advantage of completely natural pest control.

How to Make a Bird Attractive Garden

With baby birds loving insects, it can be perfect timing for gardeners because all garden pests are at the maximum around late spring and early summer. Bug-eating birds will gladly feast on every gardener’s enemies including aphids, beetles, grubs and slugs.

We spoke to the team of Little Peckers; an online source of bird supplies and they gave us tricks and techniques on making your garden attractive to bug-eating birds: 

Provide places for birds to shelter

If you are eager to attract birds to your garden you need to provide safe places where they can shelter from the rain as well as suitable nesting sites to encourage them to support their little ones in your garden.

Try creating a dedicated area which contains small trees and shrubs with twigs where you can also place nesting boxes and bird shelters to help support a bird population. That way, they are more likely to make your garden their home.

Once the eggs hatch you will have a garden full of hungry baby bird mouths eager to feast on all the bugs which their parents can provide from your plants and flowers. There is a natural food source for the birds and a natural pest control for your garden.

Provide sources of water

Birds need water both for drinking and for washing themselves and they particularly like water which is moving so rather than opting for a traditional birdbath, why not invest in a small outdoor fountain.

The water will help attract the birds, giving them something to drink and somewhere to bathe, as well as creating another nice feature for your garden which can help with stress relief for anyone who spends time in the garden.

Provide a regular source of food

While you want the birds who flock to your garden to be bug eaters, consider providing other food to attract them in the first place and make sure you provide food all year round, not just during the cold winter months.

Keep a feeder filled all year round so that even the bug eaters can enjoy a snack every now and then. The feeder will also attract other birds into your garden that might just be passing by but will make the most of the chance to feast – including on bugs as well.

Which Birds Need to Attract – Bugs Vs Birds

So which birds are most likely to eat bugs, and which kind do you need to try to attract into your garden to help with your own particular pest problem? Well here is a quick guide of which birds to look out for:

If you have problems with grasshoppers, snails and beetles or larvae and moths, then you need to attract bluebirds, swallows and cardinals into your garden.

Problems with caterpillars, aphids, larvae and ants can be solved by attracting chickadees, grosbeaks and sparrows to live in your garden and take up home.

Are whitefly and aphids causing havoc with your plants? Then you need to try chickadees, warblers and titmice in your garden to help resolve this particular issue.

If the issue is with tree or shrub insects like caterpillars, earwigs and grubs then you need to try to attract nuthatches and woodpeckers into the garden to help resolve the issue.

Warblers are the perfect solution to caterpillars, aphids and whitefly problems, while sparrows are great for plucking beetles out of small places.

When gardeners suffer pest problems, from aphids in the rose bushes to slugs and caterpillars eating all the leaves, it can be tempting to turn straight away to traditional pest control methods such as insecticides.

However, we all know the problems which using harsh chemicals and poisons can cause to the environment, particularly if you are trying to encourage wildlife into the garden or have your own pets which like to use the outside area.

By creating areas where birds can shelter, nest and providing regular sources of food and water, you can easily encourage bug-eating birds into your garden, benefiting from this completely natural form of pest control.

By encouraging these birds you will also be supporting wildlife and the environment overall so while you get a great garden with reduced pest issues, the birds get a safe haven, shelter from the weather and a regular food supply which they can share with their chicks.

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