The need for funds in individuals, organizations, Companies, and political parties has been on the rise over time. The ever-growing demand for these funds has attracted many ways to acquire them. Fundraising has remained to be the most appropriate means of getting funds all over the world despite having many challenges like meeting the goal and lacking expertise. Grassroot-Fund is the only gateway to efficient fundraising.

Why Grassroot-Fund and How it works

Grassroot-Fund provides an easy way to fundraise for any cause at hand. This web platform breaks all the barriers between Peer-to-peer fundraising, which demands up to 7 touchpoints to be successful.

There is no worry when working with Grassroot-fund since it has raised over $200,000, which is a proven record of accomplishment hence making it the most powerful and reliable platform to raise funds.

With Grassroot, you will relax as we take over all your tasks in raising funds. In short, no more tedious efforts to fundraise.

It would be best if you had Grassroot as it accomplishes the three significant steps of fundraising, leading to increased chances of getting huge funds. The three points are:

One. Grassroot-Funds synchronizes all the contacts across all the social media channels and devices. With no effort, this web-based platform brings all, the contacts from your emails, CRM system, phone contact, address book and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, Quora, Wattpad, Meetup, Classmates, and many more in one place.

Two. It sends messages up to seven times to ensure that the donors respond. There is no need to burn the midnight oil or sit all day long to send messages to all your contacts all over. Draft your message well and allow us to send it to all your contacts. Save your valuable time.

Three. The increased touch points translate to more and more donations. We ensure that the scope to fundraise is as broad as possible. If you want to raise funds from all over the world in any currency, Grassroot-Funds covers you well.

You should 100% rely on the Grassroot-fund web platform, for it tracks all your contacts using as many communication channels as possible. It synchronizes the contacts to all social media accounts, emails, and phones. The better part of communication is that the Grassroot uses automated outreach methods.

In the mind of the founder

Roxana Muzzammel has worked around the clock to provide you with a topnotch way and technology of meeting your funding needs. Raising over $200,000 directly demonstrates her inner desire and commitment to relax your mind when it comes to dealing with the fundraising monster.

She is out to make you fulfill your desires and purposes without a limitation of funds. If you need to save time, resources, and costs, Roxana has provided the best technical fundraising solution for you. She has extensively analyzed all the manual fundraising processes to come up with this viable web platform: Grassroot-Fund.

Roxana has desired to help you hit your fundraising goals within a short time, with high efficiency, and while engaging as many contacts as possible.

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