When it comes to professional dressing, you cannot always trust your casual fashion sense even if you think that you have a penchant for style. Moreover, the trendy outfits in your wardrobe may not be right for office wear. Still, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a separate professional collection apart from your regular style. Thankfully, you can recycle your fashionable regulars with some smart ideas and make them perfect for the pro look. Here are some hacks that surely work for fashion freaks looking to elevate their collection for the ultra-chic professional look.

Prefer solids over busy patterns

You may be one of the pattern-loving fashionistas, but patterns surely do not make your best friends when it comes to workwear. Solid colors, on the other hand, always appear more professional and are just right for workplaces with formal dress codes. In solid colors too, you need to be judicious with the shades because you cannot opt for choices like orange or yellow as they would get you attention for all the wrong reasons. If you need to wear patterns for a change, opt for safer ones like stripes or polka dots.

Opt for fitted outfits

Although loose clothes are relaxed and can look cool when styled correctly, they wouldn’t work for the pro style. With office dressing, there is no choice but to drape in the best fits as they make you look chic and business-like. Just check your stuff and get some alterations if there are awesome pieces that are a size or two bigger. You will probably have more choices with what is already there in your collection.

Don’t shy away from trends

For a woman who loves to follow trends, it is still possible to follow them as you dress for a perfect work look. Luckily, you can get the best of both the worlds if you look at the right places. You can check the JustFab range here and you will probably find many options that are trendy yet apt for professional style. However, you need to be judicious about the colors, cuts and styles when you shop the trends that double up for casual wear and pro dressing.

Choose your accessories wisely

Another useful hack for fashionistas who want to ace office dressing is to choose their accessories wisely. Surely, the right ones can elevate your looks instantly but the wrong ones can cause absolute blunders. With jewelry, follow the rule of less is more and stick to the basics like a pair of studs, a sleek chain, ring and bracelet. Even if you love jewelry, make sure that it never overpowers your outfits. Heels are a good choice for a chic professional look while you need to choose simple and functional handbags that do not appear loud.

These smart hacks can easily transform your regular style into one that is just right for a perfect work look. Just being a little less of the fashion freak you are would help and most importantly, wear your confidence every time you step into the office.

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