Choosing the right color for your apparel and accessories always has something to do with your skin tone. People tend to think a lot about which shades will suit their natural skin and which ones will make them look awkward or too flashy. While every skin tone is beautiful in its unique way, you should find the right color, texture, and style of apparel, accessories, and shoes to create a statement. 

A woman with a warm undertone will have her veins exuding a purple-bluish hue, while the ones having a cool undertone will reveal a green-bluish hue. Metals like gold adorn the warm undertones and the cooler ones look great in silver jewelry. If it seems difficult to detect the color of veins, the woman may have a neutral undertone.

Let’s now give you some tips to enhance your beauty regardless of your skin tone. 

The cooler the brighter

If your skin tone is on the cooler side, like that of Lupita Amondi Nyong’o, Kate Blanchet or Nicole Kidman, oceanic blue, emeralds and purple will make you turn heads at any event. However, you can also try rose-reds and pale-yellow for casual day-outs. As for jewelry, emerald, turquoise, and diamonds can be your thing. 

When it comes to shoes, there’s not much really about skin tones. But the color and type of apparel should match the shades and texture of shoes, so choose accordingly. You can visit here to get a better idea about the shoes that go well with different types of apparel. In events, a shiny sling bag will be perfect, and otherwise, a glossy, black leather bag can create a lasting impression. 

Fashion for the light skin types

If you observe celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, or Taylor Swift, you will notice that the skin tones mostly bear high contrast with their outfits, if they wish to look flashy and noticeable. However, if they want to go low on the style quotient, they opt for pale pink, rose, or nude shades. 

Coming to jewelry, dark, crystal stones are the best bet for light skin tones in informal/social events. Again, if you don’t want to attract too much attention, pearls, diamonds, and rose gold can help you look elegant. While flashy clutches and gorgeous stilettos will enhance the contrast factor, you can tone it down with leather handbags and boots or sandals, depending on the occasion. 

The soft and muted neutrals

Celebrities like Julia Roberts, Kerry Washington, and Juliana Moore have neutral skin tones that look best in softer, muter versions of the primary colors, e.g. jade-green, corn-yellow, and lagoon-blue, etc. If you have a neutral undertone, it’s best to avoid overrated shades like magenta or flashy blue. However, a dark, gorgeous, rose red will always look good on you. Complement it with glistening crystals, and you’ll look ravishing. 

The neutral-toned women also look amazing in glossy black. For a casual day, you can don a white shirt with a pair of your favorite denim and finish the look with black, knee-high boots, and you’ll have the world going crazy around you. 

Final words

Always remember, you are beautiful already and these suggestions are just meant to enhance that beauty. It’s up to you if you wish to create your unique style, as any look if carried with confidence, becomes a statement. 

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