If you’re worried about your children’s oral health, it’s never too late to inculcate the right dental care habits in your family. While it’s certainly easier to introduce children to dental hygiene when they’re younger, you can still set some rules and preserve their oral health while you can. Here are four tips you’ll find useful in encouraging daily dental care in your kids.

Set the right example

Kids notice everything we do and subconsciously imbibe our habits and way of life, including our personal care routine. Being a role model for your children will help them develop habits that will preserve their oral health—which means less stress for you and fewer visits to the dentist growing up. The best way to initiate your children into daily oral care is to brush and floss with them instead of instructing them to do it alone every morning and evening.

Ensure everyone eats a healthy breakfast daily

You may wonder what this has to do with your kids’ dental health. Research shows that children who routinely eat a protein-rich breakfast crave less sugary foods during the day. If you have a fussy eater, reward them for eating a good breakfast—just make sure it’s not a sugary treat.

Discuss menus with your children and have them pick healthy breakfast options while allowing them to have a cheat day once a week. If you’re looking for more family dental health tips from an experienced local dentist, get in touch with the trusted experts at https://columbiariverdentistry.com/locations/vancouver-2 who will help you create an oral health plan best suited to your family’s lifestyle.

Set basic rules

As a family, set basic dental care rules that everyone must follow. These include: brush (or rinse, whichever possible) after every meal; rinse mouth after eating sweet treats; brush twice a day; and visit the dentist every six months for a dental check-up. Talk to your children and explain to them why these rules are important instead of forcing them to follow.

In addition, cut your family’s consumption of sugary drinks and food by buying them less frequently. The less access young children have to unhealthy food, the better it is for their oral as well as general health.

Prepare your child for dentist visits

Children tend to fear going to the dentist, mostly because of what they pick up from conversations around them. Preparing your child early on for regular visits to the dentist will make it easy for everyone involved. Experts say that a toddler should be taken for her first dentist visit as soon as the first tooth appears or when the child turns one, whichever is earlier.

The best way to familiarize a child with the dentist’s office is by reading picture books together. In addition, avoid making a big deal of the visit and make it a part of a routine weekend excursion. Also, according to experts, parents must resist the urge to reward a child for going to the dentist as it tells the child they’ve done something out of the ordinary.

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