‘Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will’

Anne Klein

Fashion is part of the daily air which changes with time and occasions. You can even see and feel the revolution in clothes. Fashion industry brings new wonders with the revolution in style.

Fashion designers become crazy when it is about a girl’s fashion. In the modern era, designers are presenting new upgrades in those old clothes. The enhancements in each field like design, shape, fabric, color and so on.

Instead of having a lot of varieties, girls often complain about not having sufficient attire in their wardrobe. Another fact they add is that they get confused with a large option when they rush to the mall.

A lot of variation in clothes in new names and new reformation is available in a designer shop. Here we are talking about the bottom wear. You’ll find many who get confused among leggings, jeggings and treggings.

Though they look almost the same, they have a lot of difference. Even the salesman can’t correctly explain the difference. Nevertheless, worry not, we’ll discuss the difference between leggings, jeggings, and treggings. Before describing the differences let’s know individually about them.

What is Leggings?

Leggings are a kind of tight-fitting bottom wear that entirely cover the legs. It is primarily made from the blend of cotton, Lycra, nylon or polyester. These materials mostly resemble high elasticity.

The thickness of the leggings is quite liberal. Leggings usually come in ankle length, but in the modern style, it can be longer or shorter than ideal size. It can be worn as fashionable wear apart from just coving the leg. Leggings are available in vibrant colors and prints for providing the variety.

Leggings won’t show the skin so it can be used comfortably with tunics or tops. Besides, leggings also look great with short skirts, shorts, or even with Kurtis. It is incredibly comfortable as daily wear as it provides the freedom of movements.

What is Jeggings?

Jeggings trend comes from the famous bottom wear Jeans. But they are more stretchable and comfortable than jeans. Besides jeggings is a perfect cross between jeans and leggings which give it a look like jeans but feel like leggings. Some fashion designer defines it as comfortable jeans. 

However, Jeggings are made from a blend of denim or spandex fabric which is more stretchable. They are more likely a cross between leggings material and denim. Jeggings sometime appeared with belt loops and pockets.

In short, jeggings are versatile, beyond stylish, and gives you a slimmer look. It becomes famous at the beginning of the 21st century when people are looking for even tighter pants. Jeggings look stylish with shorter tops, T-shirts, slouchy jumper, or cozy knits. It seems fabulous with boots, tennis shoes, sandals, flat, or even high heels.

What is Treggings?

The term treggings is composed of trouser + leggings; which means leggings in a trouser look. Treggings is the latest upgrade of leggings after jeggings. Treggings is basically a slim trouser which is perfect as formal or professional wear.

Treggings are equipped with stretchy material like Ponte knit or scuba knit. It is more known as pencil pants or slim pant. Usually, treggings comes with side zipper or back zipper or pull on. It assures the comfort for the whole day yet look elegant and well-dressed. 

This fashionable wear looks perfect with a tailored jacket, formal shirt, or blazers. Even they are compatible with boots or cool loafers as well and add cross-body bag for a trendier look.

Leggings Vs Jeggings Vs Treggings

Leggings Vs. Jeggings Vs.Treggings

Now you know all the details about leggings, jeggings, and treggings. You probably got to know what might be the fundamental differences. Still, we would like to clear all your confusion. Let’s point out the differences.

Materials: Leggings are made from softer material compared to leggings and treggings. Whereas jeggings are made of skin-tight stretchy denim material and it has more elasticity than leggings or treggings.

Flexibility: Jeggings are the combination of jeans and leggings; which means flexible like leggings but look like tight jeans. Treggings is composed of trouser and leggings; which is basically a slimmer trouser pant.

Pockets: Jeggings and treggings have faux pockets, but leggings don’t have any pocket.

Length: The length of leggings is till ankle whereas jeggings and treggings length is variable.

Color Options: Leggings are available in colorful printed and one colored fabric. On the other side, jeggings and treggings are usually of one color.

Thickness: Treggings is thicker than jeggings and leggings.

Versatility: Jeggings is much more versatile than leggings and treggings. You can wear with any casual wear. 

Age Range: Treggings is perfect for women over 50 due to its flat front, stretch, and comfort. Leggings and treggings are perfect for the younger generation.

Fittings: Leggings have a more slim fit than jeggings and treggings.

Compatibility with Topwear: Leggings and jeggings are perfect as casual wear whereas treggings is ideal as professional wear. Treggings are similar to pant but the slimmer version. But all of them are comfortable to wear for the whole day.

Compatibility with Footwear: Finally, any type of footwear is compatible with leggings, but jeggings and treggings has a limitation in this case.

Wrapping Up

The style is more like being yourself;so what mater is that choosing the right fabric.Whatever you pick among leggings, jeggings, and treggings; you’ll look slim and feel comfortable. All three are made from thicker material so don’t expect that it will provide the look like a pant. You will look stylish only if you choose the compatible upper wear.Fashion is an instant language so make it elegant.

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