Jess a mother of three stumbled into her talent for combining woodworking and art somewhat unintentionally. A few years ago when she was strapped for cash but want a coffee table; she decided to make her own. She searched Craigslist for materials and tools, coming up with essential items to create her first full build – a coffee table done in bold colors reflective of the Northern lights.

Not overly satisfied with the design for her own homes, Jess decided to place the coffee table on craigslist. Once listed, the table sold immediately, and people began asking her for more. With this, Crow Creek design was born. The budding builder spent the next month and many sleepless nights creating more tables.

Jess had been struggling with her health her whole life and soon became a very hill. Hospitalized herself, she was suffering from internal bleeding and underwent emergency abdominal surgery. Ehlers- Danlos had been damaging her internal organs for many years and finally came to ahead.

Struggling to keep up due to her needs, Jess decided to put Crow Creek design on hold. Physically and mentally exhausted from years of health issues, she turned inward to search for what she needed most. She spent her time asking herself what was best and how to do it. But time and time again, creating, building and teaching others how to create proved all that was needed.

Crow Creek Designs

Over the past two years, Jess has honed her recognizable style of furniture using vibrant colors and patterns inspired by the flow of nature and the beauty of the wood canvas she uses. She also won a national campaign put on by Duluth Trading Co. in their search for women who do. This woman is making waves and gaining attention with her beautiful designs and powerful message.

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