When you wish to travel, but not for the sake of making a living but instead living while earning your bread and butter, there are some thrifty choices that you need to make. In fact, the lifestyle is now coined as sustainable tourism by several travelers and industry insiders, alike. The reason being, travelers who are on the move always need to be careful about the resources they use.

Sustainable tourism is gaining a lot of attention lately, as is evident from its growing fame. A simple proof of its increasing popularity is the growing number of YouTubers and bloggers publishing the content about tiny house living in motorhomes. Notably, many of these tiny houses are DIY projects. While a DIY home building project may seem a fun idea, but at the same time, it is also quite notable that it is not at all cheap.

So, what are your options if you’re planning to live the life of a traveler on a budget?

Find Yourself A Job That You Can Do Remotely

When you’re on a budget, traveling may seem confusing and a tad bit difficult at times, mostly because of financial restraints. However, there are other ways to survive the cash crunch. While most people would love to wake up and go to their office every morning, this is something that you can’t possibly do as a traveler. So, you need a job that you can perform remotely from any location. And thankfully, there are several such employment opportunities. For instance, blogging is one such career that need not be performed from an office, sitting behind a desk. Similarly, if you love photography, you can sell your digital assets online to make money from just about anywhere in the world.

The employment opportunities are endless if you know where to look for. Even conventional jobs such as software engineers and IT support are easy to perform remotely. And the present COVID-19 situation is remarkable proof of the same. So, in a nutshell, when you’re opting for a lifestyle as a traveler, you must find a regular source of income to fund your traveling expeditions. And having a job that you can take on the go with you, is definitely a win-win situation.

Get Yourself A Sustainable Housing On Wheels

While some travelers prefer the idea of renting a home or a hostel at every destination, some may look for more convenient accommodation. Looking for a new home and renting is a cumbersome task, especially if you’re always moving around. So, having a permanent home that you can carry with you seems rather more convenient over searching and renting a home at every next location.

Notably, if you plan to buy a brand new motorhome, you may eventually be spending a lot more than your budget. Of course, you wouldn’t want that. So, instead of purchasing a new home or renting one, you can choose to buy a used RV at a much lower price. And if you buy it from a reliable reseller, you can surely entrust your faith in the quality of your RV. Usually, these resellers make several quality checks to make sure that there are no damages to the home or the motor. Most importantly, the benefit of buying a used RV is that you can carry your home anywhere and it won’t break your bank. For instance, if you wish to spend a night in the Yellowstone National Park, you can surely do that without having to worry about a shelter during the night. And believe it, the shelter you have is quite reasonable to buy.

Prefer Cooking Your Meals than Buying Them

Buying pre-cooked meals from restaurants and vendors can take a huge toll on your pocket. Moreover, it’s not just the cost of the meals but also the health risks that you may buy along. Although the restaurants and food vendors take the utmost care for the hygiene and preservation of the food they deliver, there are still possibilities of contamination that may slip through them. Particularly, in the restaurants where there are large volumes of orders being processed every day.

When you’re traveling on a budget, buying your meals may seem a feasible option, but it’s surely not when you’re living the life of a traveler on a budget. In other words, buying your meals every day for the rest of your life is surely not at all a pocket-friendly idea. So instead of buying your meals, you can start preparing your meals on your own. More so, when you have your motorhome with a fully functional kitchen in it. You can easily buy fresh vegetables from the local market and cook your meals in your RV. Doing so, would not just save you money, but also help you support your health.

Adopt the Three Rs Of Sustainability

Lastly, there’s this most important factor that can actually save you a lot of money in the long run- the three Rs of sustainability. Whatever you use, try reusing, recycling, and reducing the trash. In other words, reuse the items such as your dishes, your old jars, and cans; recycle the food waste to make compost, and reduce the overall trash that you generate. Considering the cost of buying new disposable dishes, you can very easily estimate how much you can save in a year.

Similarly, when you’re recycling and reducing the waste, installing a compost toilet in your RV can be a smart option. Compost toilets reduce your dependence on water for daily business while giving back to nature, a gift full of nutrients for the plants. Simple ideas are great enough to cut costs when you’re living a traveler’s life and that too on a budget.

A traveler’s life is not an easy one, but with smart options in everyday choices, you can make it simpler. And more sustainable. Be it buying your upholstery, or the supplies for your kitchen you can choose the products that can be reused and recycled so that you can save somewhere else. Most importantly, when living on a budget you must stay flexible to make choices and witty to execute smarter alternatives for the problems you’ll face.

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