What food is good for your heart? Don’t you know? If you don’t have any idea about it and you want to take a healthy heart diet, then make sure you got the right place. Here I got some world’s best food which is helpful for your heart.

“What’s good for your heart is good for your brain and good for you in general”, says Arthur Agatston, MD, A renowned cardiologist and author of the shout beach Diet.

That means a healthy heart depends on what you eat and drink. A growing body of research says that up to 70% of heart diseases are preventable by taking the right food choice.

So, if you want a healthy heart diet, then these foods for you that will help to take a good care of your heart.


Which drinks are the best for cardiac diet? Good question, isn’t it? Yeah. We drink a lot. But what we drink is the matter. Some drinks can make your heart more strong or some can make it ruin. So, it’s much important what you drinking. Here I got some drink that will give you much pleasure while taking a healthy heart diet.


coffee best for cardiac dietIs there anyone who doesn’t like coffee? Of course not. Nowadays it’s become our habit to drink coffee. It’s a very fine drink that helps to decrease depression. For a normal man 3 cups of coffee enough for a day.

Red wine

Red wineDrinking alcohol is harmful to health. Yeah, I concern. But drinking in moderation is quite helpful for healthy heart diet. It has antioxidants that may reduce coronary artery disease that leads to heart attacks.

Red wine has a very lower alcohol level. However, it will be useful, if you don’t drink a lot.

Green tea

Green TeaIn this time, peoples were with a huge amount of hypertension. They tensed about a lot of silly thinkings that can contain heart or brain disease. For this, you can drink green tea that has antioxidant and its help to reduce blood clots. It does also help you to keep well fitted.

Dark chocolates

Dark chocolatesYeah! I want it all the time. The most powerful antioxidants from nature and it’s come from the cocoa tree. It helps to keep blood sugar lower. Choose that one has 70% of cocoa, it will be the best for you.  It’s true that dark chocolates can develop health and minor the risk of heart disease.


Now you can find out why moms always try to feed you vegetables. Vegetables contain minerals, vitamins and nutrients that can give a great pleasure to your body and heart also. For a healthy heart diet, you have to add some veggies to the list. Veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprout and yams are much helpful for improving heart health.


BroccoliNo surprising! I think you knew this should be on the list. Yeah! This green veggie contains low cholesterol, high fiber and capital antioxidants. These will also relief your joints. Try to add it to your list and make your day more beautiful with a healthy heart.

Brussels sprout

Brussels sproutNo matter, whatever its size! It’s beneficial for your heart. Brussels sprout contains vitamin c, vitamin k, dietary fibers that support digestive health and reduce the risk of heart diseases. It also improves blood vessel health.


CauliflowerIt looks like a white basketball. However, it’s good for taking the cardiac diet. It contains many nutrients, high fiver, antioxidants, high in choline and that makes it so perfect dish for a cardiac dieter. Its help to lower the risk of heart attack and reduces cholesterol.


YamsAren’t you like it? Of course, you are. It’s my favorite too. It has a great source of vitamin C, calcium and iron that help to reduce high blood pressure. It will be more precious if you eat the skin too, which contains heart healthy nutrients.

Fatty acids

It’s an important matter what should you eat while taking a healthy heart diet. So, it will be precious, if you eat fish like wild salmon, sardines and chia seeds, liver, walnuts and oatmeal. Those things have enough omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and vitamins that are supportive of a heart.

Wild salmon (not framed)

For heart patient, wild salmon is very fine one. It has enough omega-3 fatty acid that can reduce blood pressure and improve the metabolic markers for heart disease. It also has an antioxidant, rich level of selenium that has shown boots cardiovascular protection.


Have you ever had a heart attack? If yes, then sardines for you.

These little fishes are also loaded with omega-3 in the form of fish oil. According to the Mayo clinic, it’s quite helpful to the people who have recent heart attacks in the past. Its increase good cholesterol and decreases the risk of sudden heart attacks.


Liver!! It’s totally yummy. Isn’t it? And it’s mostly useful for the heart patient and who want to take a cardiac diet. “Liver contains fats that are good for the heart.”  Says William Davis, MD, a Wisconsin-based preventive Cardiologist and the author of white belly. It’s healthy for all ages.


Wanna promote a healthy heart? Of course. Then you can eat this. This nut is full of fiber, vitamin E, folate and omega 3 fatty acids that can keep your heart healthy. It can also support to keep your memory sharp. Let’s make it to your favorites.


My favorite one! It’s fully testy, crunchy, meaty nuts are filled up with omega 3s. If you don’t like, then you try this. Believe me, after eating almonds you will become a fan of it. It’s also good for a cardiac diet.

Chia seeds

It contains a lot of omega 3s and only 60 calories in one spoon.

It helps to reduce bad cholesterol and plaque buildup. You can eat it by mixing in yogurt, soup or sprinkling in the salad.


It’s a nice dish that can reduce bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol. According to the food and drug administration, it may reduce the risk of heart disease when combined with a low fat diet.


Fruits always give a much pleasure to the heart. The fruit has antioxidant, nutrients and enough vitamins that can reduce high blood pressure, blood clots and keep your heart strong. These fruits are recommended by the well-known cardiologists and heart institutes for the heart patient. You can also eat those fruit for a healthy heart.


Another mighty! Blueberries are totally sweet and delicious. It’s the rich types of food that have enough nutrients and antioxidant. Those may help you for brain health to keep your heart strong. It’s also popular as a superfood.


I love it the most. This fruit is a little bit sour. It’s packed with a flavonoid that downs blood pressure and reduces artery painfulness. It has vitamin C, hesperidin and a chemical plant that develops blood flow to the heart and work as a protector against stroke. So, for your heart healthy diet, you can add it to the list.


Fruits are always good for the heart. Avocado is also, it has a good fat that helps to control blood pressure and blood clots. However, it has 240 calories in per avocado that high in calories. So, you can use avocado oil that is more heart healthy cooking oil. According to the national institute of cardiology, this oil decrease hardening of arteries that leads to the heart diseases. So, it will be more helpful for healthy cardiac diet, if your procedure it.


Is there anyone who doesn’t love to eat an apple? I think no one. It’s also my favorite one. Eating this tasty fruit can give you lots of benefits.

In a daily life, we eat it several times. Do you know it’s quite helpful for heart diet? Yeah. It contains pectin, antioxidants and fiber that work against cholesterol as a shield. According to a recent study, eating an apple a day can reduce 40% in LDL cholesterol.


Very sweet one! Everybody loves to eat it. According to the American college of cardiology, raisins reduce high blood pressure. Because raisins contain potassium that helps to decrease hypertension and increases immune-boosting antioxidants. You can eat for healthy heart diet.

Final words

Without a healthy heart, life is like a hell. So, everybody wants a heart that is healthy. Therefore, you have to care about your heart. For care, those foods are must needed. You can add that food to your list while cardiac diet.

Whether you follow or not, however, these are absolute for you that I can say. Those foods are recommended by renowned cardiologist and many well-known heart institutes for the cardiac patient. It will be helpful for you if you follow it.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more heart diet keys. Till then,

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