Are you struggling with any kind of mental health problem and you’re looking for affordable mental healthcare support? Are you a mental health professional with the passion to provide support to persons battling various kinds of mental health issues?

There’s a new web-based platform that makes it simple for both clients to access mental support. The new mental healthcare marketplace —Be My Ear makes it absolutely easy for professionals and volunteers to provide mental support in a convenient and hassle-free manner. This web-based platform is an attractive solution for both clients and professionals as it eliminates the barriers in the mental healthcare space.

Despite the widespread efforts to create awareness surrounding mental health, many people battling with mental health issues do not seek the help they need because of many barriers. The rationale behind Be My Ear is to eliminate the barriers that block most people from seeking help. This mental healthcare marketplace doesn’t involve things like expensive counseling sessions, redundant questionnaires, and privacy concerns.

First, the platform has been designed to provide affordable mental health support; thereby eliminating the barrier that’s associated with expensive mental health sessions.

Secondly, the platform works in a very simple way—you simply need to open a free account and gain access to a network of highly qualified professionals and volunteers.

For professionals, you simply start with creating your account and upload your qualifications and experience to ensure legitimacy. If you’re a volunteer, you’ll be required to take an approved mental healthcare training course before getting approved.

After that, set your rates and schedule and start providing services. It’s that simple.

What’s the goal of Be My Ear?

The creators of Be My Ear intended to achieve specific goals with the mental healthcare marketplace. First, they created this platform to save lives of people struggling with mental health problems. Many people end up committing suicide when they can’t find a reliable person to vent to about the issues they are facing.

By creating this platform, the creators have made it easy for anyone to seek the support they need without having to worry about the barriers that existed before. If you experiencing any warning signs of mental issues, this platform can help you to reach out to a professional or volunteer. 

Secondly, Be My Ear is intended to eliminate the barriers that prevent many people from seeking mental health support. These include; stigma, price, and speed of care. This mental healthcare marketplace can help professionals to grow their practice and boost their earnings.

Upcoming young professionals can utilize this web-based platform to fulfill their school or work volunteering requirements.

What are the benefits of Be My Ear?

For clients, Be My Ear makes it easy to book appointments with professionals using multiple communication channels. Since the platform is HIPAA compliant, your information will be confidential. Besides, you’ll have the freedom to choose the kind of professional you want to open up to about your mental health concerns. For professionals, you’ll set your own rates and work from anywhere.

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