You’re waiting in front of a public bathroom and someone is talking loudly inside the bathroom.
Or, a guest used the bathroom and left in mess!

Disgusting, don’t you think?

Those are examples of mannerlessness.

Yes, there a few manners everyone should know about using the bathroom. Though there is no writing rules or code for the job still as human we should follow. However, following some steps can make you a smart person.

Whenever you visit a friend or public bathroom or office bathroom, follow these below guidelines for good bathroom manners.

Bathroom Manners you should follow in the public

Make sure to close the door

Imagine, you’re in a public bathroom and forget to close the door. Accidentally one comes and opens the door. This is really embarrassing for both. So make sure to close the door and lock it after entering the bathroom.

Check first before entering a bathroom

Before entering a public bathroom, make sure to check if someone is inside or not. Don’t push the door often. Check under the door and if you see someone’s feet, make sure to wait for the person.

Don’t chat while using the bathroom

A bathroom is not the place where you discuss business or personal issues. It’s annoying for other people who are in there. Also, the sound of the toilet flush on the phone is very awkward and disrespectful to the person you’re talking.

So make sure to avoid chat while using a bathroom.

Be respectful to others in the restroom

Do not make extra words with others. If someone in hurry, you can skip a urinal to prevent someone from being uncomfortable. Also, never look at others when they are on their business.

Bathroom Manners: After use

Make sure to flush the toilet

Before leaving the bathroom, make sure you flush the toilet. Also, check everything has been whisked away. No need to leave something for other who comes next.

if you’re in someone’s home, you have to use flush more than once for reducing lingering smells. After flush makes sure to put down the toilet seat and the cover as well.

Replace supplies

Imagine you used the bathroom and realize there is no toilet paper. This is awkward. If you’re the last person using toilet paper, soap or paper towel making sure to replace those supplies if possible. Otherwise, inform the bathroom maintainer.

wash handsWash Hands

After using the washroom, make sure to wash your hand properly with soap. This is a good manner and sanitary necessity as well. Dry your hand with a hand towel after washing them. Public bathrooms offer paper towels or air dryer, you can use them.

After using make sure to clean up

Before leaving any bathroom, make sure you’re leaving a good condition as you found. You should check the floor and wipe up splatters before you leave. Also, check the toilet seat and be sure it’s clean.

Do not make the mirror messy

It’s often in a public washroom, the mirror gets messy because of some people. Don’t take much time in front of the mirror in the public bathroom. Just do what you need to do and then get out of the way as quick as possible. Because many of you waiting to wash their hand.

Report if something is clog

If something gets clog by you or someone else who used the bathroom before. Then it’s better to let the person know about this problem. Make sure to inform the maintainer or the host about it. You little information can reduce a problem before getting it worse.

Bathroom Etiquette as a Guest

Here are some steps that a guest must while visiting a friend or someone else bathroom. Those are given below:

  • Before sharing any staffs of the host, make sure to ask first.
  • After using the bathroom, the guest must use hand wash and should not leave the water droplets around the hands.
  • Before leaving host bathroom, make sure to switch off the lights, geysers and exhaust fans.

Bathroom Etiquette in Aircrafts

Some etiquette rules you should follow in aircraft. Those are given below:

  • The door of the bathrooms in the aircraft are small and can be difficult to close because of low space. So before starting your business, make sure you closed the door safely. Otherwise, it will be embarrassing if someone walks in front of you while you are using the bathroom.
  • If cleansing containers are found empty, make sure to ask the flight attendants to refill it.
  • If fellow passengers take much time in the bathroom, give a respectful knock on the door to remind someone is waiting. Be sure to knock if he/she takes more than five minutes.
  • Never react aggressively with anyone in aircraft.

Final Words

While using a bathroom, showing a little concern to others nothing takes from you. But makes you a better person. So make sure to follow those staffs in public restrooms and your home as well. Also, appreciate your friends and close one to follow bathroom or restroom manners.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more tips and life hacks. Till then, stay healthy and make sure to share your valuable opinion with us.

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