Artists, creative workers, and creative businesses play an important role in maintaining the identity of the New York City community and improving people’s daily lives. Artistry helps to bring resources to neighborhoods, reduces crime, and brings with it many other benefits.

However, artists and creative workers need spaces that are designed specifically for creative uses for artistry to thrive. The skyrocketing rental prices in New York City are threatening the livelihoods of artists and creative workers.

Consequently, this problem is forcing artists out of their communities. Coupled with the fact that artists and creative workers are paying for both their working space and living space, it’s evident that artistry is on the verge of extinction if something is not done.

Determined to tackle this problem, Michelle Gambetta and a team of professionals conceived a new model for affordable living and workspaces for artists and creative workers known as ArtCondo Community Art Space. The rationale behind ArtCondo is to help artists, creative workers, creative businesses, and non-profits to creatively purchase properties.

This community-focused project combines real-estate experience and the purchasing power of artists and other creatives to create vibrant and customized spaces where artistry can survive. 

How Does ArtCondo tackle the housing problem?

ArtCondo connects qualified buyers within the arts community with one another so they can collaborate and leverage their collective buying power. This kind of arrangement encourages collaboration between buyers, investors, and the entire community to build new and sustainable creative communities throughout NYC. ArtCondo’s primary objective is to create an artist-driven financial and organizational model that will promote artistry and support the local community.

ArtCondo Team

Michele Gambetta, the founder and CEO of ArtCondo, has put together an able team of artists and real estate professionals to steer this community-focused real estate project. The ArtCondo team has joined hands to influence the aesthetic and practical aspects of working spaces for artists and creatives. With the unique needs of artists and creative communities in mind, ArtCondo seeks to tackle the housing problem for artistry to thrive. Besides, the team aims to guide future group buyers through the entire process of buying commercial properties.

How Does ArtCondo tackle the housing problem

Pilot Project

ArtCondo has already set the foundation with a pilot project in South Bronx.  The team is making plans to transform the building to offer live-work spaces, studios, and timeshares for visiting artists. The units will be designed to cater to the unique needs of artists and creatives and will incorporate sustainable features.

ArtCondo Community Art Space

The building will incorporate a Community Art Space that will create and inspire exhibitions, performances, art classes, and non-profit activities. It will also help emerging artists to learn and connect with seasoned creatives. The art space will be a hub of arts activity for everyone and a destination in the neighborhood. 

ArtCondo is a phenomenal model that will help to maintain the identity of New York City as a cultural and creative hub that attracts artists and creative workers from around the world. 

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