Congratulations to the people who have bought their very own house for the first time! The feelings you are going through are mixed and hard to describe: happiness, joy, confusion, and anxiety. It is normal to feel confused about moving into your new house as you have no previous experience of where to start and how to convert that building into a comfortable home for yourself and your family.

The builders or your real estate agent have done most of the job for you by laying down the foundation of your house. Now it is your turn to finish that job and make your house look beautiful and complete. It is important to be very precise and pay attention to all the details of your house interior as well as the house necessities. Only then will your house give a warm and welcoming vibe.

There are lots of things to buy and shop when you are moving into your new house. From basic necessities to decorating the house; everything is equally important. In order to avoid the last-minute chaos, it is better to start shopping for your house before you move in. It will also help you feel comfortable and familiar in your house as soon as you move in.

Following is the set of complete guide and a shopping list which will help you to shop for your new house:

Living Area

The living area is the central part of your house. The living area holds the most significance as it is the first thing your guests will see when they enter your home. So it is necessary that your living area is warm and welcoming. For your living area, the most important thing you need to buy is your furniture. According to the decided color, select your sofas and comfortable chairs. Then you need a coffee table to give your furniture a complete look.

Cabinets are also very important for your living area so choose cabinets which are spacious and attractive. Other things you need to buy area rugs that compliment your furniture, cushions, curtains and blinds, some good photo frames for your family pictures, and other accessories that will highlight your living area.


Everything in your kitchen is necessary and it is very important to shop stuff for your kitchen before or just as you move in so that you can start your life in your new house as soon as possible. The most necessary and expensive things in your kitchen include refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher, and the gas stove. Be wise and choose the best quality for these products as they are for long-term use.

Other important things include toaster, blender, coffeemaker, food processor, dinnerware, and cutlery. There are lots of other things which are required in your kitchen and dining table. You can visit this website for more info and check the best variety of kitchen supplies for your house.


Your bathroom should be ready and set as soon as you move into your new house. Go and shop for the shower curtains and a bath mat, toothbrush stand, soap dispenser, trash bin, wall hooks, storage boxes, and an attractive and good-quality mirror. Apart from the equipment, you will also need to buy the bathroom necessities such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, hand wash, and a towel set. Cleaning supplies are also must in order to keep your bathroom neat and hygienic


Your bedroom is your private space and you should definitely put your best efforts in setting up and decorating your bedroom. The basic bedroom shopping list includes shopping for your dream bed, its mattress and mattress covers, comforters, pillows, wardrobe, and curtains to match your bedroom color.

Other than these basic necessities, you will need to buy an alarm clock, a lamp, some useful cabinets to store your books and other stuff, hangers, classic wall art to make your room attractive and some beautiful frames for your favorite pictures to make it more familiar.


Apart from the decoration, there are many other important things to consider for your house. Security is one of the most important things to take into consideration. Security cameras, fire alarm, and intruder alarm are some things that you should spend money on. Other than that, you also need a washing machine for laundry, light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, wall clocks, first-aid kit, batteries, cleaning supplies, etc.

You need to shop for your garden and porch to make your house look beautiful from outside as well. Some attractive garden lights and garden ornaments will look lovely outside. Buying a porch swing will also add grace to your house and will give you a comfortable and peaceful place to relax, read or talk. 

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