The device cycle is in three sections

  1. Concept and Initial prototype.
  2. Testing and Design refinement
  3. Design for Manufacturability costing and BOM.

Details of the device journey

  • First provisional utility Patent Application Field (9/1/2016).
  • The date of signing a contract with manufacturers (12/16/2016).
  • Second provisional utility Patent Application Field (9/1/2017).
  • Utility Patent Application Field (3/15/2018).
  • Trademark Application field (5/1/2019).
  • Kickstarter Launch 2019.
  • Shipping summer 2020.



It has a height of 5.9 inches and 3.6 inches wide.

With the absence of a beverage, it weighs 0.85 pounds.

Aircanditioner allows containers for the beverage that have an upper attachment.

Product Testing

Temperature Testing

We carried out an evaluation of the Cooling Performance of Aircanditioner by temperature measurements in different locations using the four-channel data logger and four thermocouples. We measured:

  • Ambient temperature.
  • Ac Output temperature.
  • The beverage temperature inside AirCanditioner.
  • The beverage temperature (Standard Neoprene Koozie).
  • Note the temperature difference between aircanditioner and ambient output- Aircanditioner temperature output is above forty degrees than Ambient when switched on at first. Also, over twenty degrees cooler than Ambient in an hour.
  • Note the temperature of the Aircanditioner Beverage. Aircanditioner cools your drink actively.

Mike and Tim have vast experience in product manufacturing and development with interest in drinking consumption and personal cooling. When they are not working on their device, they like to spend time ice fishing and camping with their families.

Risk and Challenges

Aircandioner is a suitably refined gadget, which is beyond the idea stage. We’ve optimized the design of the product since 2016 December. The design is locked, with a confirmed BMO (Bill of Materials). Additionally locked with High Volume Production Pricing for most functional and unique personal beverage insulators and cooling devices. Any pledge that you will make will assist in funding materials and tools for the first run of production.

The group at Aircandtioner work tirelessly to do all the job upfront, to offer the minimal level of risk to you. The only risk is to work as per the deadline effectively. The risk is when we into unknown challenges with fulfillment, shipping, design concerning the amount of the purchased units.

Our factory has sixty days of commitment to Tooling Design. Sixty additional days on the first production run. Another sixty days on shipping. We will offer Status Updates to ensure you are aware of shipment goals and timelines.

For the past three years, the product was going through the process of over-engineering. The device has a rechargeable battery with high custom capacity and low current or high RPM current motor. Additionally, the device has a custom circuit board and Impeller Blade Designs with full optimization. Indeed, Aircanditioner is the future of the personal cooling device. It has a koozie shape, to make sure you appear well the time you are cooling off. When it is in full capacity, the device can tirelessly operate for more than Three hours when High and more than five hours on the Low. It is the best device in terms of cooling beverages.

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