Aeropress filter is a device used to brew coffee, but do not mistake it to an Electric Coffee Pot. It has a unique design where you can place a tube to the upper section of a cup. After which, you direct coffee through the tube, use hot water, stir it. Then use a Plunger to press water and coffee down the Filter at the lower part of the tube to the cup. Finally, you will have a full cup of coffee.

Why switch from stainless steel or paper Filter

Apart from the environmental challenges of Paper Filter undergoing recycling for a limited amount of time and then thrown away. They get rid of the Aromatic Oils and affect the entire coffee flavor. Stainless Steel has a different challenge. The Steel gives space where the oil passes through, along with sludge and grit from the beans of coffee.

Recycling of Stainless Steel and Paper filters additionally give some room for growth in bacterial. These bacteria can cause many sicknesses, or some rare occurrences affect the coffee flavor. You might think the Stainless Steel Filter is free from any forms of dirt, but they quickly trap particles, which stick in them. Silver is an organic and sturdy antimicrobial metal. So the good thing about Chelsite filters is that they kill germs naturally once they come into contact.

So what exactly is a Chelsite filter?

They are small snowflakes composed of almost a hundred percent of pure silver assembled adequately. All Filters have manufacturers in the United States, mainly from silver that has a local manufacturing plant.

The process of production includes Precipitating Silver Snowflakes from a solution. That is simply a fancy way of simply saying you’ve to transform liquid in a stable state. We allow accumulation of snow to push them in a Microporous Filter build from silver (almost a 100% silver).

How to Clean the Filters

It is an expensive question, but fortunately for me, it is the cheapest question to answer. Now, let me give you the entire process.

Fill a bowl or cup with water and thoroughly shake the chelsite Filter in it. Then give it ample time to dry on a trowel or cloth. Silver is Antibacterial, so there is no need to worry. Also, there is no need to scrub or stress yourself about the growth of mold around it.

After using it a few times, you will realize the silver is beginning to tarnish. Silver gets rid of sulfides smell from water through black stains tarnishes. It additionally gets rid of Chlorine from moisture to turn yellow. To tarnish is cosmetic, and it does not lower the quality of metal.

If you are utilizing the Paper Filter in the Aeropress, I would recommend you use a Chelsite filter. It is a bit heavy, and it hard to believe any liquid will go through it. You need to know that coffee and water move through it, but oils don’t go through it. The term commonly known for this procedure is Argentation Chromatography.

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