Formed through a process known as fermentation, vinegar involves the breakdown of sugars by naturally occurring organisms like bacteria and yeast. A very special type of vinegar, apple cider vinegar is produced by the fermentation of apple cider which is an unfiltered juice prepared by crushing raw apples. Vinegar has been used for many years as a natural medicine but it has gained popularity recently for the numerous health benefits.

There are many reasons why you should consider keeping a quality apple cider vinegar bottle at home. You can dilute it by adding water before its use.

Fight Bad Breath

Apple cider vinegar is a natural breath freshener because of its acidic properties. You can gargle with a glass of warm water and half a spoon of apple cider vinegar in order to get immediate relief from bad breath. It can also help kill germs in your mouth.

Eliminates Dandruff

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a remedy for dandruff for many years. It improves the health of your hair and can help remove the chemical buildup from the hair products. You need to make a solution with equal amount of apple cider vinegar and water and use a bottle of spray to apply it all across the scalp. Wash it off after an hour and do this twice a week to see results.

Helps in weight loss

An essential part of many weight loss programs, apple cider vinegar can induce a feeling of satiety which will make you eat less during every meal. You can take it with a high carb meal and you will feel full for many hours afterward. This will bring down your food intake for the rest of the day. When you regularly take apple cider vinegar, it can help cut your belly fat and will also help regulate the blood glucose. You can use it as salad dressings or with vegetable juices. You can also have it as a beverage made of one part of vinegar and four parts of water.

Better digestive health

Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties due to which it is helpful in relieving any digestion relation problems like acid reflux, nausea and diarrhea. In order to restore the natural acidic balance of the stomach, you need to consume apple cider vinegar with a glass a warm water. It will also help regulate the pH balance of the body and will improve the gastrointestinal health.

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Heal sore throat

With apple cider vinegar, it is possible to get rid of infections that are caused by microorganisms. In order to relieve a sore throat, you need to mix equal quantities of warm water and apple cider vinegar and then gargle for a few minutes. Do this exercise every few hours until you feel relief.

Helps in fighting parasite colonization

Apple cider vinegar can help in overall wellbeing and can protect you against gastrointestinal infections. You can restore the ecosystem of your gut and ward off any parasite infections. For the parasite prevention, apple cider vinegar is considered an ideal natural remedy.

Relieve physical stress

Due to the enzymes present in apple cider vinegar, it is possible to energize the body and gain a shot of energy at the end of a long day. You can add some vinegar to a glass of warm water and regain the lost energy after a tiring day at work.

Treat acne

A natural detoxifier, apple cider vinegar can help treat acne and cleanses the body by flushing out all the toxins. It has a high acidic content of raw apple which makes it an ideal treatment for acne. You need to apply the diluted apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball and wait for a few seconds and wash it off. A prolonged exposure to the vinegar can lead to burning of your skin.

Home cleaner

Lastly, you can use apple cider vinegar to clean your home. It is a chemical free home cleaner that can be used to clean anything inside the home. You can make a cleaning spray by adding equal amount of vinegar and water and use it to clean surfaces. The strong smell will be gone in no time.

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These are only a few reasons why you should have apple cider vinegar in your home. It will not only help keep your home clean and stain free but will also ensure good health and wellbeing. However, use it in small quantities and always dilute it with water.

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