A sewing machine is common equipment that can be seen in most the households. Using a sewing machine is easier, but you need to learn the proper method. In our blog, you will find some articles based on sewing machine learning. Before start learning, you need to know what is the best sewing machine for beginners and how to use sewing machine without any injury.

Today in here, we will talk about the safety as promised earlier.

A sewing machine is a fantastic tool for DIY people. But it can lead to severe injuries if you don’t know about the safety precautions. Here, we’ve put together eight essential safety tips for beginners as well as for experts. Have a close look:

8 Safety Tips to Avoid Sewing Injury

There are some tips and hacks you must know before using a sewing machine. Otherwise, you can harm yourself in the process. Here I’ve put together eight essential safety tips ever novice, and experts should know. Let’s see:

Keep your Finger at the Proper Distance

Keeping the finger safe from the sewing machine needle is the most crucial task. This is an obvious risk if you don’t know or learn about the proper distance. Always keep your fingers in a safe distance away from the needle. It is recommended by the professionals to keep your fingers at least one inch away all the time.

It is not always possible to keep the fingers one inch away as some fabric needs extra guidance. In online or local shops you will get some safety tools that can save your finger safe.

Keep Your Hair Out of the Way

Ladies these safety tips are especially for you. While working with a sewing machine, make sure, your hair is correctly tied. Often long hair enters the machine and gives you a nightmare. Always keep your hair tied while working on a sewing machine to stay safe.


If you are focused, the chance of facing an injury is next to zero. Often we experience injuries because of our lacking in concentration.  You should always concentrate while working on a sewing machine to avoid unwanted injuries.

Take Care Your Pins and Needles

You should care for the pins and needles properly. While starting the project, double check the pins and needles. The pins and needles must be whole and undamaged. Otherwise, the accident is one step away from you.

Never Sew Over Pins

While stitching, you need to make sure that the pins are out of the fabric. Never sewing over pins, it can break and fly out at you. As a result, it can cause severe damage to you and also the machine.

Use the Right Machine in the right Project

People often use the wrong machine for the wrong fabric. If you are going to sew strong and thick fabrics, you must use an industrial sewing machine instead of a regular household machine. Otherwise, it can break the machine and lead you to any dangerous situations. It is always essential to use the right machine for the right fabrics.

Be Aware of Electricity Power

Electricity is the blessing of our time. On the other hand, it is dangerous as well. While operating a sewing machine, electricity is required. So, you need to be aware of that. Some simple precautions can keep you safe from the electric accident. Never overload outfits and don’t use frayed or broken cords. Otherwise, you can harm yourself as well as the machine.

Turn It Off After Completing the Task

We often forget to turn off the machine after completing the stitching task.  Even if you need to use the loo for a while, don’t let it on. It can lead you or any of your family members in an unwanted accident. Especially if you have kids or pets around, you should never let it on while not in use. Also, while repairing the machine, turn it off and unplug it. You don’t want to have your hand on the machine to cut it, do you?

Final Words

Just like your car, you need to maintain the sewing machine regularly. Every one or two years you need to bring the machine to the service center for a professional touch. A damaged or broken machine can cause serious injury as well.

You should listen to your machine carefully. If you hear rattling or grinding from the machine, you need to take the matter seriously into your account and check it anew. If you maintain your machine correctly and remember all the above tips, I am sure you will never face any injury. Still, nobody can assure you that you will not suffer an accident.

Still, it is always important to stay focused and conscious. I am wrapping up for now. If you have anything else to know, feel free to comment. We will catch you again with some other tips, tricks, and product reviews. Till then:

Stay Happy!

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