Regardless of whether you are looking for a special event or treating yourself, purchasing gold jewelry can be an awesome experience. A gold chain is a standout amongst the most well-known ways that gold is utilized. These are extraordinary pieces of jewelry that never go out of style.

Gold chains come in an assortment of styles and lengths, and it can be quite a challenge to pick one. Before you purchase a gold chain, there are a few factors to consider. Let us look at the most vital points you should focus on while purchasing a gold chain.

Know what you are looking for

There are plenty of options available in the market for shoppers looking for a gold chain. From different patterns to links, there are a lot of existing choices to enhance a man’s masculinity.

  • Box chain: As the name suggests, the box chain has square box links. It is usually worn with a pendant and easy to repair.
  • Cable chain: This is the simplest type of chain and is elegant as well. It has a thickness that suits all the styles and personalities.
  • Figaro chain: Figaro chain design is originated in Italy. Its links are different in size and can be worn by both men and women.
  • Anchor chain: Anchor chain is similar to Figaro chains but it has small and round links with large oval links. This is common and popular amongst men.
  • Rope chain: Rope chain has small links in a twisted pattern resembling a rope. These are worn more with pendants.

Know the strength

If you are going to wear it daily, it is important to know its strength. Link chains are the strongest and the most durable. They can withstand rough play like bending, knotting and twisting. In case, if the link breaks, the chain can be repaired easily. Along with it, your gold’s karat value is another factor to consider for your chain’s strength. Pure gold is generally soft and less durable.

Length of your chain

The length of your chain matters. David Chapman from Frost NYC Jewelry says that when choosing a gold chain, you should consider the length of the chain and where it sits on your chest. Gold chains ranging from 14 to 22 inches are very common. Shorter chains are more comfortable and perfect for daily wear. Longer chains are great for outdoor wear.

Look the chain thickness

The thickness of a gold chain depends upon its usage. If you want to attach a pendant, be sure the chain is thick enough to hold its weight. Additionally, choose a chain that complements your body type and personality.

For men who utilize the chain as an independent accessory, personality is vital. If you like classy and elegant designs, go for a slight, sensitive chain. For a more outgoing individual who likes to create an impression, an eye-catching thick chain will do something amazing.

Observe the material

Gold chain can be made of three types of material: Solid gold, gold filled and gold plated.

Solid gold chains have the best combination of beauty and strength. It doesn’t mean that they are made of 100% gold. They are mixed with other metal alloys for durability. Whereas, gold plated chains need much care and maintenance as they are gold plated over a base metal.

Hollow gold chains are less expensive but much weaker. They are hollow on the inside and can dent or break easily. So they aren’t a good choice for everyday use.

Evaluate the quality of gold

According to the US law, all the gold items above 1 gram of weight must be BIS hallmarked. It indicates that the material is tested and verified and will tell you where the chain has been obtained from. It also assures you of the quality of the metal and its purity and fineness, In addition to this, it shows that the gold is certified by the  Assay Office mark to indicate where it was tested and hallmarked.

Type of chain clasps

Another important factor when purchasing a chain is the sort of clasp that accompanies it. Spring and lobster clasps are the two most basic sorts used for a chain. They are anything but easy to release, are increasingly strong and are less inclined to catch on garments.

Gold chains are ageless pieces of jewelry that retain their value with time. So discover a style that you like. Any man can have a classy look by grabbing a basic yet elegant chain. You have to choose whether you need to wear the chain regularly or occasionally. On the off chance that you are hoping to wear it daily, it is ideal to pick a basic chain. You may settle on valuable metals if there should be an occurrence of a chain exceptionally bought for events.

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